Criminal defense lawyer Delhi

Everyone should always be prepared for any kind of situation in life and that includes a backup plan to escape any legal complications. Unfortunately, once in a while, we all have to get tangled in some legal proceedings and the case might get very serious. But you can easily find some of the best criminal defense lawyers Delhi.

If you are entangled in any kind of serious legal problem, then the chances are high that the charges pressed are going to be incriminating in nature, so getting a criminal defense lawyer is the best that we can do to make ourselves prepared for any similar situation in the future. A good criminal defense lawyer can get you out of many sticky situations and some of them are listed as follows.

Bail special leave petition

One of the specialties of a criminal defense lawyer also includes applying for a supreme court special leave petition. This is not an application for bail, but it is a petition asking for permission to apply for bail in the higher court. This is a very tricky legal procedure.

This petition is done in severe cases where the bail might be difficult to procure and only the seasoned lawyers can effectively pull this off as the petition needs to be meticulously justified in its need for permission for bail. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer can be the most preferable solution for this problem.

Transfer petition in the Supreme Court

Transfer petitions are very difficult to get approved. This petition is for permission seeking to transfer a case from the highest court in one state to that in another state if the applicant is not satisfied with the decision or judgment passed by the court.

This petition is done only in severe cases and requires some professionalism on the part of the lawyer to get the petition approved by the court. A professional criminal defense lawyer is the best bet to ensure that your transfer petition in Supreme Court do not go unnoticed in the courts as someone's life may depend on it.

Anticipatory bail from the Supreme Court

The anticipatory bail is a special bail that is very difficult to procure. This is an application for seeking bail in advance in case the applicant can anticipate some legal charges shortly. This is one of the trickiest concepts of the law.

The anticipatory bail from Supreme Court is very difficult to get approved by the judicial bench as it requires enough justification in the favor of the applicant as well as against the charges that are anticipated. This again requires a professional criminal defense lawyer who has the experience of handling such advanced procedures.

Bail from the Supreme Court

This is perhaps the most difficult operation performed by a lawyer as the judgments passed by the supreme court is considered to be the final word in all the judicial matters. So getting bail from the Supreme Court is very difficult as it means that the applicant is challenging the decision of the Supreme Court. So hiring a criminal defense lawyer is the best option to get out of any legal problem.

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