Has a long time passed since you have replaced your old switchboard? Or, you want to revamp the overall electrical system of your home? Consider switchboard upgrade as a part of your electrical revamping, not just because it is an add-on but also because it is a NECESSITY.

Here are a few reasons you must keep your eyes on that will further help you to understand why switchboard upgrade by the best electrician in Bexley is that much important.

Combating Fuse Issues

It's frustrating to find out that the light is working in its finest condition when you are having trouble with power failures for the fuse box issues. The fuse box, if not fixed as early as possible, can also lead you to costly repair that you did not really wish to opt for.

Minimising the Chances of Electrical Fire

It is undoubtedly the most unwanted situation that you ever want to face in your house. In many cases, the overcrowded wires get lapped over one another, and as a result, the chance of loose connection becomes too evident. And, the wiring fault around the old switchboard area is enough to cause a fire breakout.

Removing the Asbestos

According to the expert electrician in Botany, the old switchboard components consist of asbestos that can prove to be potentially risky, again for fire risks. So, the best way to be careful is to go for switchboard upgrades by which you will be able to remove the asbestos, thus getting rid of any of the risk factors associated with old switchboards.

No More Unanticipated Power Failures

Another relief you can secure with switchboard upgrade is reducing the chances of power failures. Power failures followed by the expensive electrical call out can prove to be extremely hassling for any homeowner. Upgrading the switchboard with a new RCD installed along with the right circuit breakers - you can expect to get a minimised number of power failures.

What Happens with Switchboard Upgrades?

With switchboard upgrades, you can expect to get a few beneficial services that include -

  • The electrician in Arncliffe will install a new metering panel along with a new enclosure. They will label each of those to make sure that you don’t find any further difficulty for locating the damaged circuits.
  • The old asbestos switchboard panel will be removed, and the circuits will get transferred into brand new circuit breakers.
    The professionals further check all the earthing points more closely to make sure no loose joints remain there that can cause arcing later on.
  • Last, but not the least, the final check-up under which the professionals will minutely check all the loopholes in the electrical system connected with the switchboard. Before they leave your premises, they will consider it as their duty to carry out a thorough check-up and make sure nothing is out of the place in the electrical system that can cause further complications.

So, are you finally all set for the revamp in your electrical system? Therefore, you must include the process of switchboard upgrade in it and make sure you have a functional and safe electrical system in your home that will not give you any trouble.

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Are you planning for an electrical system revamp? Consider the inclusion of switchboard upgrade in it to make sure you can ensure optimum safety in your premises.