Videos have become very powerful marketing tools. They provide information and serve to develop the branding of companies. They put companies in touch with consumers and help build trust.

Corporate image
The video branding can be very beneficial for your business. To optimize it, you must be clear about the values of your company, its objectives, the logo, the colors that are associated with it ... when they are defined, one will be able to dump all those elements in the creation of the video so that viewers can identify the company and recognize it in an environment overloaded with competition.

The script
When creating a video, we must be very clear about what we want to tell and how we are going to do it. It is not about grabbing a camera or mobile and recording. It is necessary to carry out a script work to correctly structure the video, eliminate unnecessary elements and enhance the aspects that we want to highlight. A good script will help reinforce the branding strategy of the company.

Videos are audiovisual content, that is, they are pieces in which the auditory component is as important as the visual component and, however, it seems - wrongly - that the only important thing is the image. Not at all. In fact, viewers can tolerate a bad image for a while, but we are unable to view a video in which the sound does not reach minimum quality standards. If the sound is not good, we will end up abandoning the video sooner rather than later. It is important, therefore, that our videos have a clear, clean and careful sound. It is essential to use a sound recorder and microphones to improve the sound quality of our videos.

Animation Video Maker

The Mango Animate Animation Maker is the software that gives the life to any animated video idea. This particular software has enormous feature that one can use to get more and more out of their animated video ideas. You need not to be an expert in order to become more convenient with this software but even a first time user can create powerful animated videos.


Animated videos are the most original and fun way to explain the advantages of your service or product through a short story.

• Idea
I want to do something different buthow can I explain my services? Software help you to conceive the video in an attractive way

• Development
Writing the script, design the storyboard, sound, post-production.Software itself take care of all the development from start to finish

• Diffusion
Launching your video with social media campaigns and video ads on YouTube Adwords.

The power of animated videos

Animated videos are perfect to show how your services can help your customers. Explain a service by telling a story through a character.

The animated videos are very useful for presenting in an entertaining and original service difficult to capture in traditional images, helping to explain briefly the concepts and simple!

Types of animation videos

One can make narrative animation videos that tell stories with various characters and different backgrounds (settings).

It is also possible to make demonstrative animation videos of an app, with examples of its use.

Or one can make their videos from predesigned resources: do you already have a character? We encourage it!

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John Smith is a Digital Marketing Consultant with more than 8 years of experience in SEO, SEM, SMO, blogging, etc having wide knowledge base into content marketing.