An occupational or a personal injury refers to an injury or injury that a person sustains during work hours. These can be injuries at the workplace, injuries due to traffic accidents on the way to work, from work, or while performing work orders. A work injury must be distinguished from occupational disease and a personal injury. We will talk about them another time. We bring to your attention a small guide to action in the event of a personal injury at work injury.

In case of an injury at work, seek immediate medical attention. Do not flaunt that you are patient, do not be afraid, and even more so do not feel sorry for the employer (all his expenses, most likely, will be covered by insurance). It's about your life, your health, and your future. Even the smallest injury can develop over time into serious health problems, disability, and loss of income.

If you do not record the onset of an industrial injury now, then it will be extremely difficult to prove that it was she who led to the problems, and you are entitled to compensation for it from the medical care or from your employer. Immediately after receiving first aid, contact an employment lawyer for advice on how to proceed in order to obtain the required compensation. In such a situation, you should not use the services of an employer's lawyer. During medical examinations, be sure to tell not only about your well-being but also about the conditions of injury.

Make sure the medical report contains all the important points about your condition. Save all documents issued by the doctor after each visit, if there were several of them, as well as the results of analyzes, X-rays are taken after a work injury. Collect testimony from colleagues or other witnesses about the accident and the conditions of the injury. Contact your employer to obtain a work injury certificate. Make sure that this document is signed and stamped by the employer and all facts are stated correctly.

Do not sign any papers with your employer without consulting a lawyer. Legal Background on the case: Compensation for industrial injuries can be paid by the national insurance, as well as directly by the employer (company) if he is responsible for the injury. Remember that work injury cases have a limitation period: The maximum period for payment of compensation for loss of earnings is 90 days from the date of the accident. It is necessary to apply for him in national care. Each day the grace period decreases the number of payments.

For example, if you applied to the national care20 days after the accident, then you will be paid only for the remaining 70 days. The deadline for applying to national care with an application for compensation for a work injury is one year from the date of the accident. The term for filing a lawsuit against the employer is 7 years from the date of the accident

We hope that this article will assist you in choosing the right personal injury attorneys and lawyers for your case.

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