I ask the question, where do you hide your love? It makes no sense, unless you continue to read the following piece.

Approximately a good few months ago, American Idol singer and winner Fantasia Barrino, attempted to take her own life. Suicide isn’t a joke and the reason people that people succumb to this are based around numerous reasons, which range from feeling unloved, burdened, disappointed with life, debt….the list can go on. Some of you reading, who are strong, may think ‘but wouldn’t a suicidal person seek help’….I believe they would, if they felt like there was someone they trusted enough to offload onto without repercussions. We are living in a society or societies where people are so consumed with their own lives and what they need to get, where they need to go, what they need to have that they forget that sometimes, one of the ultimate blessings in someone else’s life is for you to just be ‘still.’

Therefore, I refer back to my original question, ‘where does each individual hide their love’? Especially when someone else requires it in their time of need.

When a person does attempt to take their life, or just loses their minds, afterwards, and often times people are like, “why didn’t they tell me?” But I ask, why didn’t you tell yourself? We all need someone to talk to, and often times we are in environments where people make it their business to be busy. I think we have a tendency to be so caught up on what we are “trying” to achieve, that we forget that when someone sends a message via text, Blackberry Messenger, Email, Twitter or even Facebook that displays their unhappiness about something, do we ignore it and think they are being over dramatic or do we say “hold up a minute, s/he doesn’t sound too good, and I don’t know why they are upset, but I’ll give them a call because it sounds like they need a shoulder to cry on?” Get your suicide prevention assistant out there and help save someone you love.

I love American Idol and have watched each season religiously, I strongly think I should have been selected to be Simon Cowell’s replacement, but the show are potentially and alledgedly opting for a Hollywood chick…..big mistake in my eyes...lol….., and watching this young woman go through so many issues such as throat tumors, the only working individual and supporting 6 people, paying for 2 homes, being accused of stealing someone’s husband, and she is only 26 – EVERYONE in her immediate environment, looked as if they hid their love from her, making her feel so alone to want to end her life.

I ask you, as you read this, today, make that call…….you need to be more mature to recognize cries for help because it is not always detectable. We spend too much of our lives accumulating ‘stuff’, getting ‘that’ promotion, driving ‘that’ car, dating that ‘good looking’ somebody, but we really need to STOP hiding our love, because you could possibly save someone’s life…..suicide prevention can be a blessing through you and you probably would surprise yourself.

We all need to take the time to listen to others, and spend less time talking, because without a wall to bounce off of, which can be therapeutic to most, can help someone see clearly out of a difficult situation.

You know the most ironic thing about this girl Fantasia, she sang a song on Oprah called ‘Even Angels’ and she says “Even Angels learn to fly.” I believe she is an angel, who flew, hit the ground, and really is about to fly again, but this time so high, she’ll never hit the ground the same way again. We don’t all live a celebrity lifestyle, but at the end of the day, we are all human.

My point on this is that, like me and many other people in this world, when you give 1000% in something and to something, there is an expectation that you receive the same 1000% back, and when we don’t get it back as we are natural nurturers, we start to break down. Breaking down to a point which can be so self destructive, and if people were not too busy to hide their love, the world will finally realize that “even Angels, learn to fly”…..we all need love, and we all need someone to talk to, so take time to understand the next person’s frustrations and most importantly respond in love, because nine times out of time, the need for love heals all wounds.

Fantasia and everyone else who is feeling like giving up - DON'T! First of all, we have a life and purpose to fulfill and secondly, we'll give too much pleasure to all those haters.....and that is most definitely NOT happening.

Stay Blessed,
Much Love, S.

Author's Bio: 

Sandra Addae
MBA - Leadership