Nowadays, more and more young people complain that they often wake up by a sense of urination in the middle of the night. They can't sleep without emptying the bladder.

Generally, the daily urine output of the human body is about 1.5 liters. If the frequency of urination per day does not exceed eight times, then urinating one or two times at night is relatively normal. If you drink much water before going to bed, the frequency of getting up to the toilet at night will increase accordingly.

While if the amount of drinking water is not proportional to the number of urination, and you still need to urinate more times at night, there may be something wrong requiring an immediate attention.

Notice the following 5 factors related to frequent urination.

1. Inflammations

When inflammation occurs in bladder, urethra or prostate gland in men, it is prone to frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria under the stimulation of inflammation. While to women, as the vagina and the urethra are very close, it can easily cause cross infection. If you have vaginitis, it may also incur urinary tract infection.

If such inflammation emerges, the herbal formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used for both men and women. It is able to effectively ameliorate the tissue environment, inhibit the bacterial growth and reproduction. Also, it works well on patients with non-bacterial inflammation due to its ability to improve the body resistance and self-healing capacity. As a result, the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is widely accepted by patients around the world.

2. Kidney deficiency

Just like it is mentioned at the beginning that frequent night visits to toilet is more of the phenomenon for middle-aged and the elderly, mainly because the kidney is weaker with age, and the kidney is represented by water in traditional Chinese medicine, when the kidney is insufficient, it is easy to have frequent urination.

If you often have a lot of night urination, and you are prone to kidney weakness, you can suspect that your kidney is weak. So it is often suggested that you should eat more kidney-nourishing food to improve the kidney deficiency.

3. Diabetes or high blood pressure

Patients with diabetes or high blood pressure suffer form a certain decline in the function of kidney dilution and concentration of urine, so the number of urination will be more, especially the increase in the number of urination at night will be more obvious.

4. Spiritual factors

If there is insomnia at night, poor sleep quality or mental stress can also a stimulus, people may have the feeling of wanting to urinate. Try to adjust your sleep state and relax yourself, while try not to think too much after your eyes are closed, so that you can quickly fall into an effective sleep.

5. Reduced bladder capacity

Physiologically, the bladder stores urine, so if the organ adjacent to the bladder increases the pressure to the bladder, it will also make the bladder capacity decreased. For example, when the woman is pregnant, as the uterus becomes larger, the bladder will be suppressed to urinate more. Also, tumors of the bladder, or bladder stones, and other factors can lead to a decrease in bladder capacity, which should be treated in time.

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