Why do most women get stuck in life after 40?

The same reason women get stuck at 30, at 50 and at 60. It is their view of themselves, and their perception of their world. They 'see' life a certain way, and build perimeters around themselves on how 'things should be'. They compare themselves to others and they forget to tap into their beauty within, their Goddess energy, their gold, their gifts. This is a new era, a changing world, and they will distinguish the stories, and the cultural demands they think they have to entertain that keep them stuck. I help them break free from these constraints.

What is the first thing someone who wishes to get unstuck should do?

Reach out for help with a powerful, holistic-minded coach. The next step would be to distinguish their upsets. Un-collapsing their upsets about their life will help them to first take a good look at them, separate from who they are. With the help of a coach they will begin to see, that life is just a series of circumstances and it is how we handle them, and who are being when we handle them is where the access to power is. They are not their circumstances. Taking their areas they have a loss of power and distinguishing the 'truth' about them, versus the dis-empowering story they made up about it will be the beginning of releasing the block they have in that area

What is something they may be doing that keeps them stuck in life?

Repetition for sure. Repeating privately a decision they made about something or themselves in an area of their life that is important to them. Unbeknown to them they continue to feed this story with evidence from their life to support that decision that it is accurate. It usually is dis-empowering. They eventually feel 'right' about it, and they will continue to support their case however toxic it may be. Not disciplining their mind in how they can change their language, their generosity of spirit and their hold on the damaging story that keeps them from reaching their full expression and power as a person.

What is something they can do today to get unstuck?

The first thing they need to do is distinguish their upset. Not just say, "I feel bad", but 'why' they feel bad, taking it as far back, and as specific as possible. Usually it is hidden, and subconscious but it what is playing like a broken record in the back of their mind that is controlling their lack of power in this area. To get to this place, they have to uncover some layers of stories about this topic they feel is going on to them. As they go further into exploring the reason they feel this way, they will soon uncover a decision they made about an event no, matter how trifle it may be. They may have forgotten about this event, but they will then remember they made a decision about themselves at that time.

At this point, they distinguish the truth for themselves in reality, real time...and how it differs from the decision they made in the past. At that point can forgive themselves for the hardship and destruction that decision has caused their life. Once they have forgiven themselves, released the pain, they are in the beginning steps of re-inventing a powerful approach in that area of their life that inspires them. They no longer are bound by the constraints of the past, but can now create and invent something new that inspires them in that area of their life that is important to them. (there is more steps that follow this)

Author's Bio: 

Oriah Miller is an accomplished producer of two TV and Film Production Companies; Twin Flame Creative and Moro Films. She is the Founder of Women Without Borders US and an author. Oriah is a global resource for empowering mothers and women online, as she exposes the injustices women around the world face daily.

She has overcome domestic violence, and has raised five successful children. A former police officer and current holistic healer, Oriah is celebrating life to the fullest, regardless of circumstance. She has a deep commitment and appreciation for the lives of women and mothers, and is the “Law of Attraction in Action”. She teaches women and mothers how to manifest their dreams in one-on-one coaching and workshops. She operates out of Montecito, CA.