If you are confused as to whether you need an Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection System, you may not know why you should have this technology on premises. You know that your security staff is expert and experienced and you can completely rely on them for your safety. Your security checkpoint or base seems secure already. But you might be missing out on a huge security flaw. It is very vital to use an automatic under vehicle inspection system considering today’s condition for different reasons.


When it comes to the safety of individuals, you may want to have tools which are available in an effective, fast and safe way. Under Vehicle Inspection Systems are some of the best tools to ensure premises security because of rise in security threats. It becomes very vital to have an advanced system allowing vehicle scans at any time.


Easy to Install

These days, security systems have really been flexible and advanced. You can choose from different types of under vehicle inspection systems with 3D technology. This enables views from different angles as per your needs. These equipment have bidirectional and sometimes multidirectional scanners to keep an eye on the undercarriage along with recording make and model. They can easily check out if there is any change or external object attached to it and send the data to the monitors. It is very easy to set up to meet your needs.


Helps in avoiding terror attacks

Terror attacks are the worst reality these days that we need to face more than ever. In order to avoid this disaster on your premises, a vehicle scanning system is very vital. One can easily attach explosives on any vehicle and drive it to any place. Though it doesn’t happen every day, it is still very important to have this important technology in your premises. This system can keep you safe and can also help fight against crime and terrorism.


Better Choice than Manual Testing

You may be assured and completely rely on your security personnel and you don’t have doubt on their abilities. But it goes without saying that manual inspection takes a lot of training and knowledge. It is still not easy to know what each model and make of cars look in the undercarriage. So, it is not easy to find anything off the ordinary. There is also a risk of error when it comes to manual inspection. Taking risk is both unacceptable and unavoidable when it comes to security. This way, the vehicle inspection system can easily scan the undercarriage of a car by covering all the bases. 


A Proven Technology to Rely on

The intelligent under vehicle scanning systems from Vehant Technologies offer great tools to security personnel to keep track of security threats these days. It really comes in handy for commercial, transportation and government sectors. It can help detect threats and protect people and their safety valuables. You can choose from a complete range of vehicle scanning systems from license plate scanners to speed enforcement systems. Vehant has been the trusted name in security technologies across the world.


Where Under Vehicle Inspection Systems should be used?


  • Law Enforcement – Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection Systems have been used by law enforcement agencies to cover vehicle checkpoints near critical sites of importance or infrastructure, such as vast events that fall under their jurisdiction.
  • Aviation – Under Vehicle Inspection Systems have been used by aviation units to scan vehicles which enter the areas with direct entry to aircraft.
  • Border Protection – Under Vehicle Inspection systems have been used by border safety groups to keep track on vehicles passing through them.
  • Nuclear plants – These systems have been used at temporary checkpoints as well as permanent entrances to secured areas.
  • Event Security – It has really become a matter of concern especially when there are thousands of people gathered. In large public venues, security teams use under vehicle scanning systems to protect entry points connected to the ground. There are many sports organizations using UVIS at their stadiums to improve efficiency of security.
  • Military – A lot of military bases worldwide have been using Under Vehicle Inspection System at gates to check commercial trucks. They also use mobile units for low-range operations at ingress routes and quick checkpoints for forward bases.


Actions usually depend on situations. Most of the time, perimeter security is planned on manned and gated entry points. Both in-ground and portable vehicle scanners have been used in these checkpoints as per the security needs for an individual. Sometimes, portable, light and mobile solutions are needed for some situations which should be deployed easily and properly.

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