In the summer of 2010 came the guilty pleasure par excellence of American television. A perfect mix between ' Gossip Girl ' and ' I Know What You Did the Last Summer ' that dazzled us all. Almost seven years later, with a thousand twists and turns of the script , "Pretty Little Liars" lives the most unsuccessful stage of its history - there were those days when it was the true reference of ABC Family, now renamed Freeform, although it is still the flagship product.

However, there are still many of us who, week after week, follow the footsteps of losing their heads with these little bitches. If you are one of those people who in your heart hates 'Pretty Little Liars', who sees 'The Wire' with a monocle and a cup of tea, but cannot avoid going back to Rosewood every week, do not worry: you're not alone. Maybe you do not understand, but we help you: we explain why you still see this guilty pleasure after venerating Walter White.

1 .The eternal cliffhanger

From its first chapters there was something that soon became a common place of the little liars: the scenes of the villain with black sweatshirt doing his day-to-day tasks. It did not matter if I was killing people, decapitating dolls or cooking a stew: all the episodes ended with an enigmatic person and mystery music in the background that made us bite our nails, "Who will it be?", "Who will be next? Victim? "," When will you get your dream job as CEO at Google? “Or "Those leather gloves that allow you to write on an iPhone, can I get them in Primark?" They were some of the questions that assailed our minds with each cliffhanger.

2. Deaths and resurrections and vice versa

A series that begins with a death that is not such: Ali, the fifth component of the protagonist group with whose disappearance everything begins, is not dead at all. How do you stay? Something we suspected after seeing her with a wig, in masks and even disguised as a clown when the series decided to become paranormal - this has been little studied, really, in this series there have been apparitions and ghosts. Let's reflect.

3. A and its plan for world destruction

If that everything can happen does not attract you too much, there is a factor that surely makes you stick to the screen every week: -A. Grab the male people: we are before the most intelligent, powerful and rich villain in the history of television. Yes, he started cracking a telephone, but he ended up creating a bunker worthy of Dharma in which he played Saw with the protagonists. It has several dens, several million dollars, and a superhuman intelligence, the power of invisibility, super strength, unfolding, super speed and control of space time.

He studied industrial engineering, higher computing, advanced Snap Chat and a master's degree in stalkeo. He is, of course, much more prepared than our protagonists. And it is that Hanna, seven seasons later and with an important work behind her back, it seems that she still does not know how to place the United States on the map. One thing is clear: -A is always one step ahead of everyone, and nothing can be done to stop it. And if you ever run into him / her, he / she will do something to stop you: for example, grab a plastic box and get nailed to the wall with nails as empty as a sandwich. That's what Arya knows a lot about.

4. Emily Fields or how to take overacting to another level

We all agree that 'Pretty Little Liars' was not conceived to fight in the big Emmy categories and fight a duel with ' Homeland ' or ' Game of Thrones '; okay. We also know that his cast is nothing special, and that a series like this requires silence, zooms, overacting and background music to leave you with your mouth open. But it's about Emily Fields ... Emily Fields's thing is wonderful.

5. The outfits of Aria - and of the others, but above all of Aria

Maybe you still do not have enough reasons to explain why you hooked up to this teen series. Have you thought about the outfits? Oh, the outfits. Let's say that each season has more than 20 episodes, and that in some episodes the liars have costume changes. Go 7 seasons, which makes a total of 140 episodes ... Let's say 150 different outfits and combinations for each of the protagonists. If the universe is infinite, think about the size of Aria's closet.

Because yes, all of them are dressed as a cocktail at the institute, but Aria's style has already permeated popular culture : for posterity there will be those yellow stilts that were an appeal for -A, "here I am, kill me"; or that electric blue skirt fresh out of a Mecano concert. The great mystery of the series is not knowing who the villain is; the great mystery of the series is to know if Narnia really is behind the closet of some mess

6. The new boyfriend or the new girlfriend: Rosewood with "right to touch"

And we reach the final point, but not least. One of the great strengths of 'Pretty Little Liars' is to get new good characters every season. They walk through Rosewood with some excuse focused on their mysterious past that gets them there. Because every new addition to the cast is a new potential partner of any of our liars. If they do not interest, they leave as fast as they come, and if they are interested they stay a little longer.

There is little time left for 'Pretty Little Liars' to disappear from our lives, and we will be one of those who strongly mourn their loss. A drinking game will never be the same, summers will be much more boring and finally discover the great villain of the series will leave the world without one of those great mysteries that makes us feel alive.

Let's enjoy the last bit of the most damn TV series of recent years, because after all, that's what it's made for: to enjoy its absurdity and lack of complexes. No more no less. Read more here

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