Insiders said: To be a pure ancient tree is to work for tea farmers. When it's done, it's the tea that the other person originally had. If it's not done well, it's his own people and his own brand.

Only by making a match, is it your own brand. For most honest and kind tea merchants, cherishing their brand and reputation is better than everything. Therefore, "cherish life and stay away from pure materials" is a natural choice.

The authenticity of the pure ancient tree tea is very high, and it is really not clear to anyone who knows the line. A true word can erase 99% of opponents. There is a slight flaw, that is, it is attacked by peers, so it is quite difficult to please.

Regarding the combination of ancient trees, the author takes a cautious attitude. First of all, the combination is the same principle, but the emphasis is on the combination of ancient trees, because under the current circumstances, ancient tree tea has a higher tasting value and higher food Safety has become the mainstream of the market, and ancient tea blending is one of the current mainstream tea making methods.

Since it is a formula, how to ensure the rationality of the formula is a big problem. Pure tea is nothing more than a hassle to go to the well-known mountains and villages. Under normal craftsmanship, the quality is not bad. The blending is obviously much more complicated. The formula needs to consider a variety of raw materials and the appropriate ratio, which is obviously not suitable for the production of start-up brands.

On the basis of understanding countless benchmark raw materials, a preliminary formula is formed, and then continuously improved. With the deepening of the understanding of new raw materials and the continuous feedback and improvement of the market, a stable formula is finally formed. It takes 5-8 years to form a classic formula. This is a relatively scientific process of formula formation.
As for the flashing of light at certain moments, the combination of certain seemingly impossible raw materials produces a unique taste, and this will also be there. However, it is more common to immerse in a formula for a long time and keep thinking about it. This kind of artistic moment may appear, but it should not be used as a basic way of thinking.

Why should ancient tree tea be matched?
The first point is that blending is to make up for obvious defects in certain teas.

For example, some teas are high in flavour and thin in soup, some are high in flavour and astringent, and some are bitter but slow in regaining sweetness. Use these teas reasonably, gain strengths and avoid weaknesses, and achieve an benefit of 1 + 1> 2. the goal of.

The second point is that matching is to meet the specific needs of specific markets.

An example of a clear customer demand is: under the condition of 200 usd per cake, the ancient tree spring tea is made with a heavy bitter base and good return to sweetness. In Guangdong, under normal brewing, the foam resistance is about 15-20 bubbles. Under this condition, corresponding products can be produced. For a reasonable market demand, the price must be clear. Optimal blending often means formulating the best benefit at a cost. A combination that does not consider cost is not a reasonable brand.
Blending is a brand-new creation. Unlike blending, blending is an innovation. Since blending tea comes from a well-known mountain and village, it naturally has a potential customer base; while blending tea is innovative, it means Great market risk. To make consumers accept a tea with a distinctive taste, it is much more difficult to promote than pure tea.

Pure tea makes it easy for consumers to recognize the true and false and judge the market value; matching tea eliminates the problem of true and false and also hides the cost. This increases the cost of consumers' purchasing decisions. As a merchant, it is necessary to increase a lot of experience costs and marketing costs. Uncertainty in the market constitutes a high risk of blending tea. Once the tea blended out by the merchants is not recognized by consumers, it is a large inventory and a possible capital chain break.

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