There are people who suffer very much in their lives, while other people suffer only sometimes. The explanation for this phenomenon is given by Carl Jung’s psychological types.

Jung discovered that each person inherits a predetermined psychological type that shapes their personality. Each psychological type has a predominant psychological function. This means that each person tends to judge their reality and act based on only one psychological function.

We have four psychological functions, which are based on:





Each psychological type has one psychological function well developed, and another one half developed. The other two psychological functions remain in an atrophied condition, without appearing in the conscious surface.

Thoughts and feelings are opposite psychological functions. Therefore, people whose psychological type is based on thoughts completely despise their feelings. The second psychological function that is half developed in their psyche will be based on sensations, or based on intuitions. Exactly the same happens with all psychological types.

This means that people who belong to a psychological type based on feelings judge their reality in a sentimental manner, without thinking logically. People who belong to a psychological type based on sensations are constantly looking for pleasure. They don’t pay attention to their intuitions because sensations and intuitions are opposite psychological functions. Thus, all psychological types are imperfect. The human conscience is under-developed and one-sided.

Each psychological type makes many mistakes for neglecting the characteristics of their reality that are despised by their main psychological function. People who make serious mistakes for despising various important characteristics of their reality will have to bear the consequences of their negligence in the future. They will suffer in order to understand that they have to pay attention to all the components of their reality.

On the other hand, many people who seem to be balanced and good suffer very much in their lives because even though they seem to be reasonable and sensitive at the same time, they are not. Everyone is very far from balance and sound mental health from birth. Only those who pass through a process of psychological transformation manage to completely develop all their psychological functions.

This happens because we inherit a wild and primitive content in the wild side of our conscience (anti-conscience) that is constantly trying to destroy our human conscience and control our behavior. The anti-conscience doesn’t let us develop all our psychological functions. It possesses the psychological functions that are not working in the human side of our conscience.

Therefore, many good people have to suffer in order to completely develop their human conscience, and all their psychological functions. They are not good enough. They must become perfect.

Bad people who seem to lead a happy life without suffering are in fact so far from balance and sound mental that they won’t correct their behavior after suffering. This is why their lives are not marked by visible suffering. However, a person’s life is usually very long. Many people who have never suffered when they were young, suffer very much when they become old. This happens because only then they are able to understand their mistakes.

If you want to avoid suffering in life, you must transform your personality through dream therapy. This way, you’ll completely develop all your psychological functions, acquiring complete consciousness. You won’t make the mistakes that characterize all psychological types and generate suffering. You will be really balanced, and you’ll have real goodness in your heart.

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