Causes Of Injuries For Runners

A study showed that over eight in ten runners suffer injuries in the lower parts of the body, this happens even if some of these athletes use running foot insoles as a cushion and support for the sports shoe. The high rates of injuries can be attributed to two important factors:

  • Structural imbalances
  • Pushing their bodies beyond limits that it cannot handle yet.

Structural imbalances can be attributed to flaws in a person's bio mechanisms, such as uneven knee height, this can be addressed to some degree by wearing supportive accessories such as running shoe or boot insoles.

Runners get injured because they tend to push their body to limits that it is not equipped to handle, this can be attributed to the fact that aerobic fitness improves at a much faster rate than how muscles improve, therefore while runners can run further without feeling winded, their bodies are not quiet capable of enduring the extra pressure. This leads to a number of injuries such as IT band syndrome and shin splits. The best way to address this particular flaw is to strengthen core muscles during training and continue running at a rate that the body can handle.

Can Wear Products Like Boot Insoles For Cushioning But Training Is Key

Runners can wear foot insoles for extra cushioning while running, but they must strengthen and train the core muscles that are frequently used while running, these core muscles can be found around the knees, thighs, calves and even the ankles. Performing specific running exercises makes it easy for runners to identify areas in the body where they might be weak. By performing these specific exercises, runners can improve their structural fitness, which can reduce the number of injuries they tend to suffer from.

Runners should take steps to modify their running routine so that the body does not bear more stress than it needs to. The best way to do this is to introduce transitions between running modes that vary between jogging and full speed running, transitions include hill sprints, strides and steady runs. These transitional runs make it easier for runners because it allows the body to endure the stress and pressure of a full speed run. Runners should take care to train to meet the requirements of a specific race, for example a marathon is different from a hundred meter sprint and the body must be ready for that specific race type, runners can wear supportive products such as boot insoles but training is necessary.

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