Why Do I Suddenly Feel Scared For No Reason: Chronic Anxiety Attacks

No matter how hard I tried to avoid panic attacks, sometimes they happened anyway. I am aware that some people are more prone to panic attacks than others. Although panic attacks are not usually dangerous, they are scary and uncomfortable. Nobody wants to have them and I definitely did just about anything to avoid them.

The problem was; I couldn't avoid everything in my life that caused panic. If I did, I would have to live in a bubble and away from everybody else. Then I discovered the key to remaining happy: learning what to do when panic attacked!

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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There are actually several things I do when panic attacks.

I can divert my attention elsewhere and get my mind off of the panic. This may sound easy but it requires a great deal of practice for it to work. One of the ways I achieve this is to train my mind to immediately begin thinking of pleasant things as soon as I feel the panic beginning. An example is picturing myself back on a beach I enjoyed while on a vacation. Or I sometimes think about a beautiful sunset I witnessed and I begin to feel more relaxed and less anxious.

I practice taking some deep breaths. I do this on a daily basis so that I am prepared when panic attacks. Other than diverting panic, deep breathing benefits me in several ways; It helps my body take in oxygen and it helps my mind function with more clarity. If you train yourself to immediately begin deep breathing as soon as you feel the effects of a panic attack coming on, you will soon be able to automatically start breathing this way when you are distressed - just like I do!

I ask myself what it takes for me to relax the most. I relax the most when I am reading a good book or soaking in a good bubble bath. I try doing either of these as soon as I start to panic. Of course I cannot stop in the middle of my workday and take a bubble bath, but I can take a few minutes break for a short walk down the hall which also relaxes me. I could also take a few minutes to read a chapter from my favorite book. This helps me relax so that I can get back to work and become more efficient.

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I drink a cup of green tea. Green tea is full of antioxidants that help my body in several different ways. Green tea is also known to calm and soothe the nerves. I try to take a few packets with me to work each day and begin sipping on a cup as soon as I feel the onset of a panic.

I call a friend. Talking my way through a panic attack is always very beneficial. My friend can help keep my mind occupied long enough for the panic to pass. A full-blown panic attack usually only lasts a few minutes so a quick phone call is very effective.

I practice some stretching exercises. This is how I do it: I get up out of my chair and stretch my arms as far over my head as possible. I try to extend the stretch as far into my body as possible. Not only will this help reduce aches and pains, it also helps me avoid going into a full blown panic attack.

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No Man's Land

In tennis, there is an area of the court called "no man's land," located within the two feet in front of the baseline. This is the worst place to stand if you want to be able to return the ball. However, new players don't know this and naturally tend to stand there. Instead of hitting the shots at the net or behind the baseline like the pros, they stand right where their opponent can hammer the ball at their feet, rendering them unable to return any hits. It is not until they learn not to stand there and learn the right places to stand instead that they can return the incoming shots, and achieve a successful game.

Likewise, there is a similar place in life called "no man's land," where it's easier not to feel anything. In my experience working with people through the end the anxiety program, I've found that anxiety sufferers have the least amount of emotions throughout any given week due to the fear of feeling. They do this purposely. The fear of more loss, or more disappointment keeps anxiety sufferers in an emotional "no man's land," a place where depersonalization can manifest and the closest ones to that person just don't understand why this person is so emotionless. Basically, if they stay in that "middle area" where they don't feel too happy or too sad, then they won't feel disappointed in the end. Of the few emotions these people do feel, most are negative.

A person who does not suffer from anxiety avoids "no man's land" where they feel nothing. They are more willing to explore the highs and lows of daily emotions, since the fear for them is not present because they are willing to experience all the emotions life offers. Also they know how to bring themselves out of a negative state quickly, where as a generalized anxiety sufferer has a much more difficult time getting out of a negative funk.

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Gradual Negative Build

During the ages of 26 to 31, I was consumed by negativity. My view of the world was all bad. It wasn't an all-of-a-sudden thing; it was gradually built up by listening and accepting the internal mental chatter that went on every day. I generalized people very quickly, and during those rough years, everyone was the same. I believed no one cared whether I lived or died. What an awful way to go through life! Your view of everything in this life creates your future experiences.

During those six years, I received more of what I complained about, more of what I feared, and more experiences with negative people. It just seemed like there was this certain energy to the world, and optimistic people attracted more optimistic people, bored people attracted more bored people, and in my case negative and pessimistic people attracted more negative and pessimistic people. This can all be attributed to our life experiences and the way we interpret data; the judgement we make of things that ultimately gets stored in our minds. We play the same record over and over again day after day, without many stimulating experiences.

From Negative to Positive

Changing the way you VIEW something to bring about a more positive view can have an amazing snow ball effect, and it's not uncommon to see the positive difference in other aspects of life, without even thinking about it. But it can't be that easy, can it? You may be thinking, there has to be something more complex to end my generalized anxiety disorder... well, their really isn't.

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When you're looking for an anxiety attack cure, one of the best things you can do is learn how to start and keep new habits. The only way to improve your quality of life in any area, anxiety and panic included, is to make changes to the way you live, and making and keeping new habits is vital in achieving that.

But starting habits is very hard, and sticking to them for the long haul is even harder. The good news is, though, there are some simple things you can do to give yourself a much better chance of sticking to the new habits you create for yourself.

Here's a quick 3 step plan for you to follow, to guarantee yourself the best chance of not slipping up with your new habits.

1. First, make a list of all the things you know you could change about your life that could play an important part in your own anxiety attack cure. Now pick the one from that list that you think could make the biggest difference. It's much easier to stick to one new habit at a time, so this is why you'll focus on just one for now.

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2. Next, get yourself a calendar or a journal, and mark the next 21 days with something that will remind you of your new habit that you'd like to stick to.

3. Now, each day for the next 3 weeks, use every bit of your will power to stick to your chosen habit each day. Each day that you do, check that day off in your calendar or journal.

When you begin doing something new in your life, you will naturally start off by resisting it, as most people do with all forms of change. This resistance increases every day for about a week or a week and a half.

But then the resistance begins to fade, and by the end of the third week you'll be in a place where the habit will become a part of your daily routine. That's why it's so important to use a journal or calendar, to countdown those 21 days. Once you reach that point the habit will be far more likely to stick, and far more likely to become an important piece of your very own anxiety attack cure.

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Anxiety attacks seem to come out of the blue. They come on without warning and they are impossible to prepare for. Needless to say, anxiety attacks are unwanted events. However, for those of us who have had, or are now recovering from anxiety disorder, anxiety attacks are a fact of life.

Treating anxiety for the long haul doesn't mean just treating one issue. It requires dealing with several factors. Still, anxiety disorder can certainly be overcome. I know this for a fact. However, this article deals with those moments or hours of anxiety or panic attack. Here, we will discuss how to get through them and how to turn the corner on panic so we can see a time when it will never bother us again.

Please take note before you begin to follow this advice that you have seen a health care provider who has told you anxiety is the problem you are dealing with.

It Is Adrenaline

The first step in dealing with a panic attack is to understand it is adrenaline causing this panic in our bodies. In extremely stressful situations, adrenaline will overwhelm us. It will run through our veins causing us to feel sensations we don't normally feel. For instance, our hearts will race and our palms will sweat. We will often see and hear things that may not be there.

When we know why adrenaline is flooding our bodies we will not be overly concerned with it. It is when adrenaline appears for no apparent reason that we become bewildered, confused, and we try to fight off the feelings it brings to us. The antidote is simply knowing adrenaline is making us feel way out of whack.

Remember Relaxing

The next step is to think relaxation. I know this sounds simple and it may in certain situations be impossible. In such a situation, the best you can do is relax as much as you can. If you are in a situation where you are able, sit down for a few moments and think relaxed thoughts. Trying to make yourself relax is counterproductive. Just think about things that are relaxing to you. Fill your mind with memories of relaxed times and pictures that are relaxing to you.

If you have been practicing relaxation techniques, now is the time to try to recall how you felt during these relaxation sessions. The key is not to force anything, but just let go a bit. In some cases it even helps people to role play the part of a relaxed person that they know.

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The next element in dealing with an anxiety attacks is not to fight it. Now, if you're sitting somewhere comfortably, think as much as you can about relaxed settings or feelings; take the attitude you're going to let the feelings caused by adrenaline do to you whenever they will.

Say to yourself, "here I am adrenaline come get me!" This is the opposite of what most people do. Most people when encountering anxiety attacks try to fight it or run away from it. It is fight or flight that brings on adrenaline. So to stop this chain of events we have to not run away from these feelings of adrenaline and the only way to do this is to develop the mindset of surrendering to them.

Concentrate on the Awful Feelings

An extension to the step of surrender is to actually concentrate on the feelings adrenaline is bringing to you. This means you are facing them straight on. When you do this, you can't possibly be running away from them. Don't try to change these feelings because this would be fighting them. Just let these feelings do what they're going to do and take note of what they are doing. If you do this, you will find these feelings are not as scary as you thought.

Because panic, or anxiety attacks can be so overwhelming and so frightening, it is easy to be petrified of them. It is this very thing that makes them so bad. When we can bring ourselves to the point we no longer fear having anxiety attacks, they become toothless, clawless monsters. They may still be a factor in our lives for a while, but they will no longer be such a major disturbance.

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