People’s grasp on the impact of the digital world are tenuous at best. Well, it’s not the people don’t understand what things like digital marketing are, it’s more that they don’t realize just how much of a difference this approach makes, how different it is from traditional advertising, and why traditional advertising is dying a rather quick death.

So, let me explain the importance of a capable digital marketing services in Singapore, and why digital marketing services are the future. Will start by looking at why old forms of advertising are doomed, why this is happening so much faster than it may otherwise of happen, and what the big differences with digital marketing. I will try to find a moment at the end just to give you some recommendations on exactly what forms of digital marketing you ought to prioritize, because there are many ways to approach it, some far more effective than others.

Traditional marketing is dead?

Yes, it’s actually been dead for 10 years, it just takes a long time for businesses to really feel the effects of this on a big enough scale. Television advertisements are themselves a driving force behind the gasping death of television, alongside people being far happier with streams where they needn’t wait for broadcast schedules. Telemarketing never really achieved anything beyond enraging people, and periodicals are simply just fading in obscurity because the Internet can do everything better.

Basically, traditional forms of advertising and marketing were the equivalent of standing up on a soapbox with a loudspeaker, screaming out to the entire world of your existence, demanding to be noticed.

Digital marketing is better?

Certain forms of digital marketing are absolutely better, but this isn’t a universal truism. Certain forms of digital marketing really don’t work, such as web banners, pop-ups, spam and overlays. People are very aggressive with their use of ad blockers, and we both me as well admit that so are we.

However, things like SEO, social media marketing and, to a limited extent, advertisement in free mobile apps do indeed work. And, traditional marketing is standing on a soapbox with a loudspeaker, these approaches are simply standing with a sign stating that you are available, and waiting for people looking for you to notice. It is a passive form of marketing, ergo one that doesn’t alienate people, and focuses all of its energy on attracting those actually looking for what you have to offer.

Why the sudden shift?

This was inevitable, as I said, but the pandemic has forced people to adopt the Internet more into their lives much faster than would have happened otherwise. This has hastened people’s disinterest in television, periodicals and other things which carried traditional advertising, and the absence of the disruptive forms of advertising and marketing have made people far less receptive to such old approaches.

Which ones do I want to focus on?

You want to a digital marketing agency in Singapore whose primary focuses will be social media marketing and SEO marketing. These aren’t going away, and our scientifically proven to be generally effective. A minor bit of energy can also be put into SEM, though I wouldn’t waste too much time on it as ad blockers are getting better and better at preventing these from rendering.

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This article is penned by Lora Davis for D'Marketing Agency which is a fast growing SEO and Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore helping client grow their online presence and reach.