They faced with this lack of opportunity, many turns to riot. So many people demanded quotas in education and jobs today. Fast carrier growth so many girls and boys indulged scam call. So, the mental level of girls is greedy than boys. That's why they indulged the girl quickly. It is hard to know that girls are lost their mental level during a conversation with scam call companies because the company was offering high salaries and bonuses. Girls easily acquire the offer. So, scam call companies are compulsive gamblers.  

It has long known to science that women find a more comfortable way than men to multitask and switch between tasks. However, girls could not control their minds when they listen to a big deal. Recent research reveals that male brains appear to consume more energy when they need to shift their attention. So, the men refuse the offers from the scam call company. Man has their personal information like business accounts and other relevant accounts. however, and they have to afraid of them because the scam call companies ask them to their documents. That's why the men are not quickly acquiring such offers.

Although the scammers have so many tricks and knowledge to make men or woman fool and catch them in his purpose, the advancement of technologies day by day men are facings such types of calls from the scam call companies. Hence, they have an excellent knowledge about such calls and are not ready to listen to a single word from the trapper's end, But on the other hand, most of the girls are survive their lives at home, and they could not know what’s the actual reason behind the scene and they quickly lost their mind and trapped. When they listen to a considerable amount or a deal, they could not control their selves.

When a girl who not more educated received a scam call she is easily trapped by him/her because she is not known which one offering her for a gift or prize because the main reason of this she does not know about this and show their entrust in such deals and develop a trust too quickly. And give them their details. At that time, she sees a high dream .and, in the end, they lost each and everything by their hands, and after that, she is suffering and nothing to do. No one can help her matter.

Everyone gets excellent knowledge after accruing the incidence. But some of the women satisfied. they are not growing and teach with .they do not realize their guilt. Because of the lake of knowledge and education occurs because most of the women belong to rural areas, and they have not excellent knowledge about the call scam companies. And most of the trappers have the phone number and address of such women, and they know that the confessing power of girls is high more than men. Therefore, the women easily trapped and confess by the scammer.

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They faced with this lack of opportunity, many turns to riot. So many people demanded quotas in education and jobs today.