When men are over 30, prostate health becomes their focus gradually. When you suffer from prostatitis, your prostate gland will be hurt profoundly. You may have to encounter fever, painful urination, burning sensation, urinary frequency and urgency. If left untreated or not treated thoroughly, it will gradually affect both physical and mental health in males.

Clinically, prostatitis is often the result of infectious factors, and the E.coil is the most common etiology for men who have the prostate infection. These microorganisms are transported to the prostate from the urethra, thus irritating gland and causing pain, burning, infection and inflammation.

Usually, the prostatitis can be divided into acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome. For many diseases caused by bacterial infection, using antibiotics is the most common method for patients. The same is true for bacterial prostatitis.

The acute bacterial prostatitis can be well solved by antibiotics by reason of its strong anti-inflammatory effect. But these drug are not always good for human body, since they can produce some side effects to cause other discomforts and bad symptoms in men.

Generally, the more you use antibiotics, the more you are likely to get drug resistance. In this case, your body may be not affected by these antibiotics, let alone the bacterial infection. The abuse of antibiotics has become serious now, which is totally boycotted by medical field.

As for chronic prostatitis, it usually needs more time and energy to be cured. So antibiotics, which are always known as short-term drugs, are obviously improper. But many people tend to take traditional Chinese medicine to treat chronic prostatitis, and they did it most of the time.

The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is often recommended to male friends, which uses the holistic approaches of Chinese medicine to cure prostatitis. After a long-term medication, they can get better and eliminate inflammation without any drug resistance or side effect.

Of course, both antibiotics and Chinese medicine have their own advantages. You ought to choose the better one based on your own condition. If you suffer from some acute symptoms, antibiotics can be helpful. You must receive antibiotic doses in regular hospital.

In general, prostatitis won’t be serious at first. At the early stages, you can always get treated through antibiotics. But if you don’t notice some details related to your prostate health, prostatitis can easily be triggered again and again, and it can be aggravated to a rather serious degree unknowingly.

To begin with, your personal hygiene should be put into the first place. To avoid bacterial infection, you should keep clean all the time. Especially in hot weather, keeping you clean and dry can help you prevent bacteria reproduction. So you need to take a regular bath and frequently wash your clothes.

Also, a healthy diet is needed. That means you should give up drink alcohol, tobacco and spicy food. Drinking more hot water and fresh milk, and always eating more fruits and vegetables should be your daily options. Further, do more exercise while don’t hold urine or sit for a long time. All these tips can help you get better.

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