Django is one of the best framework for any kind of web applications. It gives full functionality to develop professional web apps and websites in a short time. It allows developers to use different modules that are already associated with Django for faster development of the services. It also provides the extensible service as you can use the existing source code and you need not develop the same thing repeatedly from scratch. It also provides advanced functionality like app management, admin panels, authentication support, and comment boxes, file upload support, contact format, etc. It is famous for its rich pool of features and its simplicity. You can learn all these special features of Django through good Django online Courses.

Let's see these points in more detail-

 1- It’s fast and simple

Django simplifies the work of the developers by applying the principles of rapid development and DRY philosophy.

Rapid Development- Rapid Development means that developers can do more than one iteration at a time without starting the full work from scratch.

DRY philosophy- It means that don't repeat yourself- developers can reuse existing code and focus on the new one.

Due to this a lot of time of developers saves and less time spends to deliver the project to the market.

 2-Default Admin Panel

If you create any application then it is managed by the admin panels. If you use Django then admin panel is created automatically through Python code. If you created admin panel manually then it takes a lot of time and it is also unworthy. With the help of third-party applications, there is a lot of scope for customization in the Django admin panel.

 3-Good for SEO

As all know that Python is a very simple language that you can generate human-readable code through it and that will lead to rank your website high in search results. You can generate readable URLs of the website and the links by using the most relevant keywords with the help of Django. This will definitely contribute to search engine optimization.

Django fixes the major problem of right URL slug as people only focused on the right domain name, they forgot about URL slug.

 4- Security

When you think about security then Django is one of the best framework for it. It helps developers to avoid common security issues including clickjacking, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting. So if you want proper security then go with Django. You can learn it from the best Django Online Training. Django regularly releases new security patches.

 5- Pluggable

Plugins are the software that allows the developers to add and remove a specific feature to an app and leaving a lot of scope for customization. Django can be extended with plugins as it is pluggable by nature.

 6- Libraries

Every programming language that comes in the market has its own collection of libraries. A software library includes prewritten code, scripts, classes, procedures, configuration data and much more. Django is known for rich libraries support as it has many popular libraries like Django CMS- used to manage the content of the website, Django REST- which is designed for making APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), and Django-Allauh- used for authentication, account management, registration, and third-party account authentication. You can use the Django framework for your web development course by enrolling in the best Django Online Training.

7- ORM

Django is also known for its ORM (Object-Relational Mapper) service that makes developers interact with databases. An ORM (Object-Relational Mapper) is a library that sends the data stored in databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL into Django objects. You can learn much more about it by just put yourself in a good Online Training of Django.


Django is excellent for the web projects and it handles a large volume of content, manages complex functionalities and good for heavy traffic or a large number of user interactions. These are sufficient reason to go with one of the best framework for web development. And if you wantto acquire good knowledge in Django then you can join Online Django Training.

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