Giant fans have to be disappointed as the team seems to have collapsed once again this season.

Several weeks ago, a reporter interviewed me about the team and I thought they would be able to avoid another collapse. As it turns out, I was wrong…….. The momentum they had after beating New England seems to have vanished.

So what really happened to The New York Giants this year?

There is no question that injuries to key players have taken their toll on this organization.

Second, while there is much talk about the game becoming more pass oriented,football teams that can run and throw the ball are harder to defend than are teams with a one dimensional attack. The Giants running game, due in part to the injury to

Ahmad Bradshaw, has been non-existent.

Third, Justin Tuck, a team leader in the past, sounded like he was lacking in confidence, enthusiasm and positive energy in a recent radio interview with Mike Francesa on WFAN.

Fourth, Brandon Jacobs seems like he is quite frustrated with the local fans and with his overall performance.

Fifth, a number of teams just seem to be playing at a much higher level than are The Giants. New Orleans, Green Bay, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Baltimore and Oakland all seem to be displaying the energy, intensity and consistency that help teams make it to The Super Bowl.

The Giants seem to be lacking these winning elements right now. In fact, at times, they seem detached and apathetic on the sidelines during games.

Eli Manning has been playing great this year. And Victor Cruz looks like a terrific player who can be a super star.

So, there are some things for Giant fans to be optimistic about going forward.

However, it looks like the team needs to get physically healthy, get mentally tougher and make some personnel changes for next season if they are to compete successfully
with the elite teams in the NFL.

In one of my books, Who Will Win The Big Game? The 50 Characteristics Of Championship Players, Teams And Coaches, my coauthor, Carlton Chin and I describe the important roles of injury management, leadership, confidence, momentum, optimism play in creating winning franchises.

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