Why did he leave me by Rosemary Price psychic.
This is a case study, names and and some details have been changed to protect identity.

Over the many years I have worked as a professional proven psychic, you may have heard of me, Rosemary, I have heard every variation there is of sadness, fear, worry, loss, upset, loneliness there is. The worst is when you love someone but they do not love you back, or you feel as if you love them but they do not love you back - there is a difference. Some women try to force men to marry them, live with them, have a baby with them, make a life with them, knowing that man is not keen and not caring, so long as he gives them what they want - that is not love, that is too selfish to be love. When you love someone you want them to be happy, not for it all to be to suit you at their loss.

Joan wanted very much for her boyfriend Frank to be with her. But Frank was more into going out with his friends than being with her. In desperation she comes to me, Ms Price for a psychic reading wanting to know what will happen. But in situations like this what will happen depends very much on what she does or does not say or do. Frank would have loved it to have continued with her being at home waiting for him and him just popping in to have sex when it suited him and then off till the next time. Not many women would put up with this and Joan was not keen so she pushed for him to come over more, to make promises, the lot, and he did not want to budge. Some men might have made all sorts of promises to her simply so that she stopped nagging but Frank did have some morals and did not think it right to lie and lead her on. Things could never have stayed as they were but in a way Joan was better off with that than how it changed.

Joan decides she will make sure she gets pregnant - one of the oldest tricks in the book. A very stupid thing to do as it drives the man away not nearer. And if he figures out what she has done he hates her with a burning desire to kill her, at the very least he goes right off of her and would never forgive her.

Frank does not figure out that she has tricked him and he decides very reluctantly to move in with her. Their life is awful. They argue all of the time. He wants to go out and she nags him to stay home. Now that they are living together she feels she can demand things she had no righ to before. This is what drives Frank away. Not her lies not the baby but her constant demands he gives out up his friends and going out. He did not cheat until then. But her nagging became too much so he started to flirt and then found another woman who he went to see at every opportunity. This is the future that Joan had orchestrated for herself by insisting things change. Instead of them getting better they got worse. Shortly after Frank left altogether to be with this other woman who never demanded or nagged and he found her so exciting and sexy he never wanted to go out and see his friends. Joan is now with another man nagging him to be with her all of the time and he is gradually getting bored with it and wanting to leave too.

Why did he leave me? by Rosemary Price psychic.

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