In case you are wondering why was The Star Spangled Banner written or why did Francis Scott Key write The Star Spangled Banner, the answer simply lies in a duo of qualities that would inspire any man; valor & honor. That is right- Francis Scott Key was inspired to ink The Star Spangled Banner after he got to witness – in person – the shower of bombs launched by the British Royal Navy on Fort McHenry. All this happened in the annum of in the War of 1812 through the ‘Battle of Fort McHenry’.
Inspired Cause Behind The Star Spangled Banner

It all started for Francis Scott Key when one of his real good affiliates – Doctor William Beanes – was taken by the British Navy as a prisoner of war after he was charged with aiding the authorities from the other side in the capture of British combatants. Aboard on a truce mission, Francis Scott Key was accompanied by John Stuart Skinner to head the expedition pertaining to an exchange of POWs i.e. Prisoners of War. As they sailed their way towards the British naval forces carrying a white truce flag, both Key & Skinner were hosted to dinner by Vice Admiral Alexander Cochrane & Maj. Gen. Robert Ross. The four men had dinner and the two British officers talked about their war plans.
The Misfortune

Unfortunately, since Skinner & Key had heard the two British officers talking about their plans with regards to the attack they intended to launch on Baltimore, they were detained as captives till after the Baltimore skirmish. As the night grew darker and the thunder of the bombardment grew louder, Francis Scott Key had no way to find out what the outcome of the battle had been. As he woke up in the morning and his eyes witnessed the American flag soaring high in the air on top of the fort, he could not contain his happiness at the sight of American triumph and inked The Star Spangled Banner – referring to the American flag he saw – on the back side of a letter he found in his pocket.

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