Who was David?

It is a known fact that David was a shepherd by virtue of his profession and it is also very well known that he had an amazing voice. Some scriptures go on to describe his voice as sweet as honey and harmonic. Harmonic to the extent that animals would gather around him and the trees & plants would gesticulate rhythmically from left to right when David would start to sing.
Life of David

So coming back to our original thought: why did David write Psalm 23? We know that there are many other scriptures associated with David but the 23rd Psalm stands out distinctively and commands respect much greater in magnitude in comparison to other verses. Why so? What makes it so compelling? What were David’s ambitions behind writing the Psalm? These questions would be more trouble-free to comprehend after reading the text that follows these lines.

Experts and preachers of Christianity agree on the fact that being a shepherd himself, David symbolizes the human race as flock (the sheep) and God as their Sheppard. The human race that brings faith upon the teachings of Jesus Christ is the flock that the Lord has promised to take care of both in this world and in the life hereafter. Similar to how a lost sheep runs back towards the flock it comes from upon sensing danger or experiencing any sort of insecurity, human beings also resort to seeking solace in the Lord when they are distressed and troubled.

This is the key concept that answers the question why did David write Psalm 23. He wanted people of faith to understand that the Lord is always present for his devout ones and that it is humans themselves who isolate God from their lives. But when hit with a calamity such as the loss of a beloved one or any other sort of discomfort, people resort to praying. The comfort and serenity that is derived & found in the heart from this praying is what David emphasizes. He explains how God never leaves his creation and that He sees them through moments of turmoil and tests in life.
The Writing of Psalm 23

It should not surprise anybody if someone starts to ponder upon why did David write Psalm 23 after reading the holy piece of work and feeling warm emotions amounting within their heart & soul.

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