An attractive design is crucial for a blog for drawing more traffic and creating a positive impression. Writing great content may not be sufficient for drawing your target traffic and keeping them glued to your blog. If you are using a standard WordPress theme for your site and wondering how to give it a professional and smart look then it is time to give custom theme development a serious thought.

Custom theme development aims to build a brand for your blog in highly competitive world of blogging. Such branding is crucial for blog marketing. While customizing the theme of your blog you can incorporate your logo and design header and footer of the blog with colors of your brand. Incorporating such innovative ideas in custom theme development helps in creating a unique appeal and identity of your blog.

There are some extended features that are not included in standard themes of WordPress. Such features like sliding articles gallery, video posts may be integrated on homepage if you are planning custom theme development for your WordPress blog. You can also select desired layout of landing page to make it more attractive while customizing blog.

Custom theme development usually begins from scratch. As such, you have the liberty to use highly optimized code for improving speed and reliability of your WordPress blog. Such optimization can work wonder to draw traffic from social media sites. Such crowds may repel from a sluggish and boring looking site.

Standard free themes are not very particular about SEO (search engine optimization) aspects. Codes used in designing these themes have several complications that can affect loading time and visibility of the blog. Custom theme development, on the other hand, is crafted with several SEO friendly features. You can develop a theme that supports different search engine friendly features, ensuring regular crawling by major search engines.

Custom theme development allows you to design a layout and navigational structure that can effectively guide your visitors to different sections of your WordPress blog. Such features contribute in retaining and convincing visitors about the professional quality of content. Customization of theme also allows you to use legible fonts and typography of your choice adding to overall appeal of the site design. It also gives you an opportunity to experiment and explore with several combinations and offering the best possible one to your readers.

Many serious blog owners hire professionals to develop a customized theme for their sites from scratch. However, if you have necessary skills then you can modify code of a free theme to customize it.

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