“Is creativity the Secret to winning Career Promotions?”
• 1. Mike: “I see that look in your eye. You want to educate me like I don’t get enough in school all day.”

• 2. Me: “Kid I got a lot to do, but making sure you never come back to live in my house After you graduate college is in the top-ten on my goals.”

• 3. Mike: “Will it be about politics which I hate or culture which is Boring? Wait. Will it help me win hot-girls or make me a ton of money?”

• 4. Me: “If you are bored, raise your right hand, and you go your way, and I’ll…”

• 5. Mike: “I like that thing you said about, “even a broken clock is right twice-a-day.” Tell me something.”

• 6. Me: “There a lot of secrets to success in relationships, school & at-work. One Secret talent works in All of them.
You can learn it. And it’s easy, and quick. Interested?”

• 7. Mike: “Tell me and promise it’s not going to hurt my head.”

• 8. Me: “Creativity”. If you are not creative, that means
you are a Drone, a Robot, and never will be a Leader or make serious Money. That’s how powerful being CREATIVE is.”

• 9. Mike: “I just Googled create and creative. It means something produced from your Imagination. It’s a different kind of “Thought”, and is “Original’.”

• 10. Me: “Create and Creative come from Latin meaning to Make. Cousin Albert (Einstein) said, “Intuition (being creative) is the most important thing in your brain.”

• I say Creativity is the same as Insight-Inspiration-Intuition & an Epiphany, a Revelation. The secret is making it happen.”

• 11. Mike: “Cut to the chase. How?”

• 12. Me: Two steps: use your consciousness (Left- Brain) to do all the research on what you want to create & be creative about. Google it.

• Subconsciousness. Use your Right-Brain to remember past experiences, patterns you recognize, and Emotionalize it. Give your own personality’s Twist.

• What does this new thing you want to write about, draw a picture of, or INVENT bring to mind? Relax & let Mental-Movies Create (make it happen).”

• 13. Mike: “Not too clear. How to I instantly pop out my creativity in writing a song, a story, or asking for and getting a date with a hot-girl.”

• 14. Me: “Nobody knows. But we do know it come easily and fast when you let your Right-Brain lead the way. It is about your Attitude, Mood, Beliefs, & expectations.

• Best research on creativity is by Professor Martinsen at BI Norwegian Business School, 4.02.2013. He created a list of list of 7-personality-traits that creative folks have.

• 15. Mike: “I need something I can remember, not 7. Pop, be creative.”

• 16. Me: “If you understand and have these 2-traits, you will be creative and win all-the-marbles. One: “Flexibility:
See different aspects of the issues & ideas, not just the one YOU like.
Don’t be afraid to be wrong. Trial-and-Error produces the “feedback” to be creative. Be your own editor.

• 17. Mike: “What the other trait?”

• 18. Me: It’s called “Association”. You let your right-brain link (combine) ideas together that are weird, ridiculous, humorous, and Unnatural. Can you imagine a Horse sleeping in your bed? Think ‘science-fiction’, & wing it.”

• Professor Martinsen recommended you experience negative emotions. Let you Moods fluctuate. Don’t have or use a lot of self-confidence. Creativity is a FLOW state.”

• 19. Mike: “I like the be weird stuff. What else?”

• 20. Me: “Do you remember the neurotransmitter (brain hormone) Dopamine? Good. It is called the “Pleasure” (feel-good) hormone. When creativity is Flowing, you get doses of Dopamine in your brain. You feel good and have fun. You want to keep doing it.”

• 21. Mike: “Pop, what do you want me to Take-Away about how to make Creativity work for me?”

• 22. Me: “Mike, step one, if you meditate for five-minutes before you begin your creative activity, you improve your Mindset, Mood, & Attitude. Sit down, close your eyes, & relax.

• Step two: Four Diaphragmatic breaths and on exhaling, chant “Hum-m, Hum-m, Hum-m, & Hum-m on each breath.

• Step three: Intend a SMILE on your face for 18-seconds at a time. It activates your right-brain.

• Step four: let you imagination, mental-pictures go where they want. Follow the pictures for CUES & hints about your area of interest. Pay attention, but let it flow by itself. You are creative, and it will be there for you.”
See ya,

Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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