It is very common for guitar players to have their guitar strap set to where they wear their instrument low while walking around/playing. This makes playing with accuracy much harder than it should be, because it is hard to keep your thumb below the top of the neck. In the process, you are forced to bend your wrist, arch your back and bend your neck in ways that commonly lead to injury over time. When you raise your guitar higher, it is much easier to play/reach notes and puts less stress on your body as you play.

Only Using Alternate Picking

A lot of popular guitarists use only alternate picking in their playing. When you copy this, you are unable to play fast and clean without wasting a lot of motion in your picking hand. When you learn how to use directional picking, it becomes easy to play with speed and accuracy. This is because directional picking uses either sweep picking or alternate picking to take the shortest path from one note to the next.

Learn how to get better at directional picking by reading this free article on how to play guitar faster.

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