Isn’t it great when you go on a trip to Marbella, and there is a car waiting outside the hotel whenever you want to go anywhere? This imerely a wish for tourists because unless you book a cab or a private car, you can’t go to your favorite places. Although there is private transport available, if you don’t know the routes to your destination, it will be wise to opt out of that option.

An excellent alternative to beat all the transport problems is to hire a car for your entire trip. Long-term car hire has become a trend now, and tourists find it extremely useful, especially since you don't have to deal with the myriad of issues with using public transport in an unfamiliar location. These car hire services allow you to book a car for the entire trip, and you can keep the car parked in the hotel you are staying.

Wondering how you will locate your destination? There are GPS navigators equipped in the car where you can fit in your destination. Drive according to the routes and reach your favorite tourist spot at your own pace. The cars also have all the necessary accessories to make your drive comfortable. And if you want to take things up a notch, you can have a chauffeur driver so you can fully enjoy a memorable vacation.

Affordable rentals

One of the reasons why long-term car hire has become popular in Marbella is that you don’t have to think of paying for car hire services every time you want to visit a location. This involves a one-time fee that you need to pay while hiring the car.

Also, the total rental amount you pay for long-term hire is low compared to the accumulated costs that you otherwise must pay for individual car bookings. For example, if you hire the car for 7 days for a complete Marbella trip and pay 100 bucks for it upfront, it will be lower than hiring private cars twice for 7 days and ultimately paying 140 bucks.

Once you confirm the date, time, pickup, and drop off details on the car rental website, there will be a car waiting at the designated pickup address. You won't be wasting any precious time so you can make the most of your vacation.

No time limitations for driving

Another benefit of long-term car hire is it does not come with time limitations. You can take the car out and go on a long drive late night with your partner or visit all the notable tourist spots in Marbella in one day; no one will stop you from using the car. However, the car rental companies have an area map within which you will have to use the vehicle. Make sure you don’t go beyond that limit; otherwise, you will be fined for your actions.

One more point you need to keep in mind is fuel consumption; you need to pay for fuel if it runs out during the hired period. Many companies want the tank full when you return the car. It will be wise to discuss fuel usage with the car rental company before hiring the vehicle.

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