Whether you own an apartment building, office building, or mixed-use facility, concierge security is a must to ensure the safety of all its occupants at all times. Otherwise known as a front desk security guard, a concierge security guard is a blanket term applied to a professional who monitors the comings and goings of the occupants and guests of a building, along with the activities happening on its premises.

Concierge security officers are expected to give both security and hospitality services. These skilled professionals can easily and comfortably communicate with all kinds of guests, giving important information about the rules governing the facility when needed and assisting them with their needs, all the while consistently maintaining safety and order.

From sports facilities and student dormitories to medical complexes and parking garages, a concierge security guard is usually stationed at all entry points to vet any person attempting to gain access to the building. Although their duties are wide-ranging and detailed, all the tasks assigned to them are carried out for your safety and peace of mind. Here are some reasons why concierge security is a must for safety purposes.

• Greet visitors, properly check them in, and direct them to their destination
• Enforce access control and deal with disgruntled guests upon knowing that they cannot enter the building
• Confirm that only authorized persons can gain access to the building
• Give constant surveillance of assigned areas, including entrances, exits, hallways, basements, rooftops, elevators, and garages, among others
• Protect the property from any kind of threat such as accidents, theft, and violence
• Create and file incident reports and accident reports following any suspicious activity or safety hazard
• Check packages and bags before allowing entry
• Respond to calls for assistance from anyone on the premises or as directed by the building manager or owner
• Monitor operational procedures and make sure that everyone in the building abides by all the facility rules
• Handle all kinds of threats or suspicious activity that can arise in the building or its occupants, which can include getting in touch with law enforcement

Front desk security personnel can hold their post in various ways, depending on the needs and preferences of the building operator and manager. Uniformed guards send one kind of message, whether they are wearing a shirt and tie or a uniform resembling law enforcement. On the other hand, armed security guards send another. The appearance, attire, and behavior of the officer are important.

Whatever the nature or size of your building and business may be, a concierge security guard is an excellent deterrent for potential thieves, criminals, and vandals that can otherwise cause trouble when tolerated. Contact a reputable concierge security service provider in your area now to discuss your building’s security needs.

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