Many companies start competitor analysis when they develop a digital marketing strategy and never return to it later. This is an oversight because in many cases a timely update of your rivals' online could help you fine-tune your campaign midway and help you perform better in the end.

In this article, we will draw your attention to the main points of the competitor analysis that you may need to review when your digital marketing strategy has been working for a while. We'll name the key array we recommend to follow on each channel and show you
how to monitor them with Semrush tools.

What Is Competitive Analysis?

It is the process of researching and analyzing the marketing strategies and commercial characteristics of companies that operate in a given market.

Competitor analysis is generally transferred out to identify the strengths and weaknesses of other market competitors, define your company's position relative to them, highlight gaps, and estimate your potential to fill them.

Who Should You Examine As Competitors In Digital Marketing?

Competitor analysis typically includes your direct and indirect competitors, those who provide the same (or similar) solutions to the same (or similar) audiences.
Your online competition analysis should cover the above, plus one more set of rivals: your brand's competitors fighting for the same users like you. They don't need to sell you a similar product or service, but they definitely want your attention.

This is a tough challenge, but may the smartest competitor win!
It's important to know Why you need continuous competitive analysis?
Your main competitors are more likely to remain the same as when you developed the strategy, but their positions and the overall situation in the market are constantly changing.

Here Are The Key Reasons To Monitor Other Market Players Regularly:

To Review The Benchmarks

By monitoring your internal stats, you know which channels are performing the best, but what if your competitors have managed to achieve even better results? You need to know this.
To catch up with industry and market trends
Some seasonal trends repeat every year, and there are peaks and troughs in demand that you will be prepared for only if you monitor the competitive landscape. Make sure to stay alert.
Learn about new best practices and mistakes to avoid.
Sometimes it's better to let your competitors try new channels than to go yourself and waste your budget. Learn from the experience of other companies.

To update your marketing mix

From digital marketing campaigns, you can obtain important news about your competition, such as a new product launch, and grow ideas for your own business development.

To refine your goals

As the situation in the online market changes, you may need to adjust not only your strategy but also the goals that you set earlier.

Let's look at some more benefits of conducting competitive analysis:

It helps you identify your product's unique value proposition and what makes your product different from the competition, which can inform future marketing efforts.
This information is critical to staying relevant and ensuring that both your product and your marketing campaigns exceed industry standards.
Learn from customer reviews what is missing in a competitor's product and consider how you could add features to your own product to meet those needs.

Convinced, still? Next, let's see how you can conduct a competitive analysis for your own business.

Competitive Analysis In Marketing

All brands can benefit from regular competitor analysis by you will be able to:
Identify gaps in the market.

1. Determine Who Your Competitors Are.

First, you will need to find out who you are actually competing with so that you can accurately compare the data.

So how can you do that?

Divide your "competitors" into two categories: direct and indirect.
Direct competitors are companies that offer a product or service that could pass as a substitute similar to yours and that operate in the same geographic area.

On the other hand, an indirect competitor offers products that are not the same but that can satisfy the same customer need or solve the same problem.
new products and services
Discover market trends
Market and sell more effectively

As you can see, learning any of these components will get your brand on the road to achievement and you can take advice from a professional digital marketing company too.

2. Determine What Products Your Competitors Offer.

At the heart of any business is its product or service, which is what makes it a good place to start.
You will want to analyze your competitor's entire product line and the quality of the products or services they offer.

Some questions to consider include:

Is it a low-cost or high-cost provider?
Are they working primarily on volume sales or one-time purchases?
What is your market share?
What are the characteristics and needs of your ideal clients?
Are they using different pricing strategies for online shopping compared to brick and mortar?

3. Research Your Competitors' Sales Tactics And Results.

You'll want to track the answers to questions like:
How is the sales process?
Through what channels are they selling?
Do you have multiple locations and how does this give you an advantage?
Are they expanding? Descending?
Do you have partner resale programs?

4. Take A Look At Your Competitors' Prices, As Well As The Benefits They Offer.

Some important factors go into the correct price of your product, and one of the main ones is understanding how much your competitors charge for a similar product or service.
If you think your product offers superior features to the competition, you might consider making your product or service more expensive than industry standards. However, if you do, you'll want to make sure your sales reps are ready to explain why your product is worth the extra cost.

5. Make Sure You Cover Competitive Shipping Costs.

Did you know that expensive shipping is the number one reason for cart abandonment?
Today, free shipping is a major advantage that can entice consumers to choose one brand over another. If you work in an industry where shipping is a factor, such as e-commerce, you'll want to take a look at your competitors' shipping costs and make sure you meet (if not exceed) those prices.

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