Logo designing for a company is a complicated and daunting task. It’s a complicated and daunting task because of a few aspects which are explained below.
1. Being creative: Only those can survive in the industry of company logo designers, who are creative and know the art of dealing with a client. As there are some clients who want the logo designers to think out of the box for their designs. Okay, so that is what a designer is for, but to what limits, these clients have an attitude like, ‘surprise me! If I like it I will accept it otherwise no payment’.
2. Ridiculous revisions: Some clients want their logo designs to be perfect (although all clients want that). But some have a nerve that extends to the moon. First, they buy unlimited revisions packages and then expect to get ‘unlimited’ revisions in their logo designs. They even revise a logo just to change tiny details (which obviously can be done by them). There is more, even if they do like the logo after all they still demand more concepts.
3. Always thinking of something new: In the logo designing process, a company logo designer cannot use the same image or same idea in more than one company logo. So, for every new logo he has to think differently and also has to stick to the topic so to encircle a complete picture of the company in the logo design. This can better be described by an example. Suppose a company logo designer has to design a real estate logo design. He will use an idea in one logo but he can’t use the same idea in another one. That is, if he used ‘roof’ in first logo design, he cannot use it again in the second logo design. For that second logo design he will have to think of something other than ‘door’.
4. Thinking differently in every field: A company logo designer has to change ideas with all different fields. In simple terms, if he is designing a auto logo design, he will have to think like a mechanic. While, designing a real estate logo design he will have to think like a property broker.
The explanations for, why the company logo designing is a daunting task, can go on and on. But these are some of the basics.
According to them, a logo designer need to be patient, a creative thinker and can easily blend from company to company.

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