PHP is the versatile and most popular programming language. Nearly, 7,102,186 websites are powered by this platform. It is the foremost choice of the developers to build websites. Developers have several reasons to opt for PHP as it offers seamless development.

Apart from this, to boost the web development process several PHP web frameworks have been introduced in the market but among them, CodeIgniter has turned as a most powerful tool to launch PHP based websites for the developers.

CodeIgniter is known as a hassle-free PHP based framework. It is preferred by the top PHP developers as this framework is based on easy to use and lightweight attributes. Apart from this, CodeIgniter offers many more features, which makes it far better than other PHP frameworks.

In this blog, let’s know about the other CodeIgniter features. If you are planning to hire a CodeIgniter developer, then make sure a developer should be proficient with CodeIgniter features and have advanced skills to meet with your project requirements.

Reasons why you should opt for the CodeIgniter Platform?


Security is the major feature that a developer opts for or requires for websites. However, CodeIgniter offers inbuilt tools for both input and output filtering. It includes both encryption/ decryption processes. This framework offers advanced security features to the developers to secure websites from hackers and unwanted activities.

Less coding
Coding is a daunting task for the developers, as it is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort from the developers. Programmers prefer to code less and errors can be detected at the same time. To meet this requirement, CodeIgniter offers less coding which means less typing. It also decreases dependency on third parties.

Fewer Chances to Crash

CodeIgniter helps to detect errors and decreases the chances of crashing. This effective framework allows developers to handle the errors smoothly.
With CodeIgniter, developers only have to write the code and the errors will be displayed automatically on the screen. It helps to decrease the bugs.

Easy Integration with Database

It supports several databases and by default, it is integrated with MySQL or PostgreSQL. This framework is not composed of any type of composer but it provides support of third party libraries such as Mongo. However, with this, developers only have to copy and copy the files to test. The support of CodeIgniter platform with the database is limited, Apart from this, the same tools are not available with Laravel. Additionally, CodeIgniter has been designed with its own ORM tool.

Excellent Documentation

The major reason to opt for CodeIgniter is it offers the best documentation as compared to other frameworks. The documentation is designed in such a way that everyone can understand the documents easily. Every specific topic has been highlighted in the documents to sort the issues out. It helps developers to bring their creativity out and sort their challenges on their own without any dependency on the community.

Easier Testing

The CodeIgniter framework offers an effective testing process for the developers. It provides a stage by stage testing features. The testing ensures high performance and increases the approach of better website development for the users. However, the testing process helps developers to test their website functionalities as well as the integrating process.

MVC and Object-Oriented Programming

The best thing about this framework is it supports major MVC based features. MVC stands for Model-View-Controller, it helps to separate the code in three different parts. It offers easy-boarding and object-oriented programming as per the project requirements. But still, this framework doesn’t support the composer and middleware.

This framework offers a simple configuration to the developers, they don’t have to face any hurdles. Developers only have to install the framework as per the system configuration compatibility.

After that during programming, developers have to open the config.php and they can load databases, libraries, and several other platforms. Every time developers don’t have to write the database name when they want to use it. They only have to write once and they can use it everywhere.

Huge Libraries Support
CodeIgniter offers a robust and rich library set for the developers to build websites. This framework provides a logical structure for the programmers to access the libraries.

These are the major reasons to opt for the CodeIgniter PHP framework. However, the above feature turns this framework accurate and better than other PHP based frameworks. Apart from this, it is easy to manage and based on user-friendly attributes. It is blended with the framework of the rich features, which helps developers to boost productivity and launch websites securely without any hassle.

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