This time of year is one of the best opportunities for small businesses to get massive media coverage. Why? Because big companies and government organisations go quiet. Suddenly, there is a news void at the big end of town as large organisations go on holiday. Yet, TV and radio programs, newspapers and magazines still have space to fill, so journalists begin to look elsewhere for stories. Here’s how to ensure you capitalise on that opportunity:

Plan a series of media releases for:

The week leading up to Christmas

The week between Christmas and New Year

The first two weeks of January

What’s your angle? Can you come up with an angle that relates to Christmas? Great! If not, don’t worry. Any angle at this time of year that is of interest to the media’s audience will be considered.

Christmas story ideas. There are hundreds of ways to tie in to Christmas and the summer break. Here are some examples:

Christmas gifts for under $20, $50, $75 etc

How not to put weight on over Christmas

How to deal with emotional turmoil over Christmas

How to avoid food poisoning

Christmas light safety

Small business tips for tax deductions around staff Christmas parties and drinks

Security tips for the home while you’re on holidays

How to do your Christmas shopping online and avoid the crowds

Hangover cures

How to stick to New Year’s resolutions

Hot looks for New Year’s eve parties

Implications of new laws coming into effect in new year

How to help pets deal with summer

Send it out! Send it to TV programs, radio shows, newspapers, magazines and online.

Hit the airwaves. Talk back radio in particular scrambles for news at this time of year. Most of the big name personalities and their producers also go on holidays, meaning there are fill ins and replacements who don’t necessarily have contacts in place to find stories – these people can be desperate for ideas and grateful to you for helping them.

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Sue Papadoulis is Australia’s leading specialist in helping small businesses generate free publicity. A former journalist and radio news editor, she is the founder of the DIY PR Kit which provides step by step advice and templates to show you how to score free media coverage on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and online. Access Sue’s special video (valued at $279) How to Generate Free Publicity for Your Business free at