Video tailor: One of the best wedding videographers in Delhi

“It’s said a picture can recall thousand memories but a video can create that memory again”

Your wedding is one of those days in life which you want to remember for the rest of your life. The preparations, the dance practices, the haldi, the reception, all these are events, memories and vibes are the ones you would wanna reminisce once you grow old and what better way to reminisce about all these great moments other than a video made by best wedding filmers in India. Lets see what makes Video Tailor one of the very best videographers for your special day.

The most creative team

Michael Jordan once said talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships and we can proudly say that we are both talented and champions of our work. Our team usually includes a group of hand-picked graduates from India’s most esteemed film-making institute (FTII, Pune). This not only gives us edge over other video production companies but also equips you with a team of talented, educated and prolific editors and videographers hell bent on achieving perfection to give you some of the best cinematic wedding films that you and your loved ones deserve.
We believe that innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought of. Backed by a team of innovators with expertise in both 2D and 3D animation, we can design whatever is asked of us. Wedding invites videos, wedding teasers, video shoots, wedding highlights, gift videos to name a few. To top all this we have a superb backend team at our disposal so there is never a communication gap between you and us. Our team will respond to you promptly and will help you to their best capacity with complete information.


Making something that makes you nostalgic and gives you a trip down memory lane is not an easy task as it requires time, patience and consistent communication with you, our client, but above all else it requires technology. Gone are the days of going to people’s houses to invite them to your wedding, this is the age of video invites and we at video tailor have pioneered the concept of video invites. We have over 50 plus stellar templates to choose from at our website. Elegant, royal, colourful and so much more, think of an adjective and our team will do the rest.
We have also launched a mobile app for both IOS and Android devices. A user friendly app, it allows you to access all our facilities like to selecting invitations, images, videos, bookings etc easy and snappy.

For you, by you, with you

Not just democracies around the world, even out team believes in these intrinsic values.
Our sole purpose is to give you and your loved ones not just a great wedding video but also a smooth sailing experience. We at video tailor understand that weddings can be exasperating and taxing events for any family and hence we have provided answers to some of the frequently asked questions on our website. We also have a quick response team working day and night just to clarify all your doubts regarding prices, dates, locations etc. With more than 250 happy customers, we are one of the best Wedding videographers in Delhi. If you have a browsed our website, you must have seen those happy couple photos and videos. Our customers are our brand ambassadors and you can always hear what they have to say either on our website or our youtube channel.

Transparency and Structure

We as a firm understand understand the value of transparency in this age of smart consumers. This open “reveal” of information helps our customers to make better decision and keep us ahead of our competitors. Quality service is our trademark and hence we have easy price calculator that can be found on our website. A smart idea which allows you to mostly calculate and check our prices video and photography services.
We also believe how chaotic wedding can be for families. From choosing wedding dresses to choosing pre wedding location, all this can be arduous task. Our team however is ready to assist you with all this. Wedding photography poses, wedding photoshoot ideas, wedding dresses, our team is here to assist you with all this and more.

Social media

With almost 4 million views on youtube channel, 32 thousand followers on instagram, 35 thousand likes on our facebook page and 250 reviews on google with an average of 4.8, we are one of the fastest growing and highest rated wedding videographers in India. We understand that social media plays a crucial role in connecting people and developing relationships with our customers.

We truly believe a beautiful wedding video is something all happy couple deserve to look back and reminisce about a day which changed their life.

Here are some of the wedding videos available on youtube.

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We at Video Tailor always strive to give our customers the best wedding photography experience with us. We are Delhi's top-rated wedding photographer and have covered various destination weddings as well.