I ever noticed that one wrote an article in reference to why lead acid battery is not the future. He said that the lead acid battery had low energy density, environmentally unfriendly and was not durable. Then I am interested in whether it owns a bright future.
As it has been used for over 140 years, lead acid battery is reliable, mature secondary batteries, globally manufactured and therefore a widely understood technology, and it is known to be the oldest rechargeable battery type available in the market. It stores electric energy through a reversible chemical reaction. It can be utilized with a permutation of lead plates or grids and an electrolyte consisting of a diluted sulphuric acid to change electrical energy into potential chemical energy and back. Scientifically it is considered that lead acid batteries are harmful for our health as it may create burns and other permanent damage if we come in close contact with it due to the use of diluted sulphuric acid electrolyte. Sulfuric acid is so corrosive that it is seriously damaging to the human skin. Hence, it is high advisable to protect ourselves properly while using this electrolyte. And so, any materials leak during production or unattended disposal could result both environmental problems as well as health hazards. Then why the lead acid battery is still widely used in many areas at present?
Lead acid battery is very cheap for the regular use. Compared to the economical price at which this battery is available it provides the maximum power density in terms of the quantity of energy produced per pound and its long lasting life with low self-discharge. They are one of the most mature recycling infrastructures of similarly priced batteries. Therefore the lead acid battery also has high advantages in terms of environmental protection. About 97% of these batteries are recycled and can be reused in the making of new batteries based on the recent survey reports in this area.
Due to its capable of delivering high current, the lead acid battery is used as starting batteries which has a typical application in the automotive industry. And it is available in various sizes and capacities. Besides, it can also be left on trickle or float charge for long periods. The low maintenance requirements make it more convenient use for customers. Of course, there are many maintenance free batteries available in the market.
Today, lead acid batteries are widely used in many different industries, such telecommunication, power systems, radio, and television systems, solar, UPS, electric vehicles, automobile, forklifts, emergency lights, etc.
Compared to any other types available in the market, the lead acid battery has so many benefits. And do you have any reason to refuse to use the lead acid battery? No one can replace the lead acid battery use in the market regardless of past, present and future.
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