Why should you look at Costa Rica when thinking of your next vacation destination? Costa Rica is a beautiful land with friendly people and much to see and do. It is located in Central America and said by many to be its most peaceful nation. It is between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea making it an ideal beach vacation spot. It has something for everyone and is a definite must see.

Life is pleasant and calm. They have no standing military and have never been involved in a war or other turmoil. The people, who are referred to as Ticos, are welcoming. They are one of the most literate nations in the world with 93% of the people being able to read. They are well educated and it shows through their excellent health care system. Although their native language is Spanish you will find many people that speak good English. The majority of people settled here from all around the world. You can find a mixture of cultures and ethnicity spreads about the country. They have an excellent reputation for hospitality and love to make visitors feel at home in their country.

Although it is a small country, she offers much in the way of wildlife. It is home to some amazing creature. You can find a variety of monkeys, including the spider monkey in the rainforest. The jungles are home to two and three toed sloths, frogs and toads, lizards, and snakes. Some of the varieties include iguanas, the Jesus lizard and the coral snake. Many species of birds also call Costa Rica home. Among them are toucans, cuckoos and macaws. Butterflies and other interesting insects are another fascinating find. As for other wildlife, the range of beautiful flowers found are amazing. You can see all colors of the rainbow from ferns to orchids. Once you venture away from land to the sea you will find dolphins, whales and manatees among the varied sea creatures. Natural wonders like volcanoes and waterfalls can also be a point of interest while visiting. So when you hear there is a lot to see you can know it is the truth.

There are so many places to visit. Each of its seven regions has its own selling point. In San Jose you get mountains and coffee plantations surrounded by volcanoes and forests. In Heredia you can see wonderful old architecture, adobe houses and many flower varieties. Guanacaste will bring you to the best beaches Costa Rica has to offer. Puntarenas is along the Pacific coastline and has beaches and many forests. In Cartago you can experience art among the mountain ranges. Alajuela offers you the rainforest and two active volcanoes. In Limon you can experience the spawning of the green turtle and explore the protected land. Some sites are restricted form visitors, but with the help of a tour guide you should be able to see a little bit of everything. This is just a brief overview of the places to see and experience in Costa Rica.

Once you have gotten an idea of what Costa Rica offers you can see why it makes an excellent family vacation spot. It is within easy traveling distance from the United States also. The people will greet you and the land is calling. From natural wonders like volcanoes and rain forests to sparkling beaches to the unique wildlife there really is something for everyone. Costa Rica welcomes over 1,500,000 visitors every year, so why not join them?

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