They are elegant, resistant and very decorative. The marble floors are an interesting option to consider when deciding what kind of flooring is best suited for your home. Here we tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a marble floor for your home.

Marble is a very decorative and stately material. Used in decoration, it boasts a special charm, which has the most genuine classic environments. However, marble does not lose its validity over time. Quite the contrary, a good marble floor is attractive and timeless.

It is a metamorphic rock that is formed from limestone rocks. Its main component is calcium carbonate and has a high degree of crystallization. It is a very special natural stone, in which nature reflects all its magic and beauty. To get the perfect marble for your home visit

A large repertoire to choose the marble floor

The variety of types of marbles that exist is very wide. It is nature itself that dictates the structure and color of this natural stone, so each one is different, with different streaks or shades of color.

In addition, there is a large number of colors in which marbles are concerned. Whites, for example, are really special. There is a broad classification of this type of marble based on its purity. White marble is very elegant to cover the floors. It usually has delicate gray veins that make it a perfect material for classic environments.

Also they are very appreciated in decoration the marbles of cream color because they are warm and luminous. And then they highlight some amazing colored marbles and veining like red or green marbles and, of course, black ones. The black marbles are used for walls, floors or kitchen countertops and bathrooms. They provide a very distinguished and special air.

Endless finishes
The beauty of marble is accentuated by the treatment given to this special natural stone. Polishing, for example, is the most common finish for marble floors. Get a very special and very durable shine since it is natural and is not achieved from any wax or any type of product.

But there are also other finishes for marble, which are more suitable for some applications such as facades or exterior floorings, the aged or the bush-hammered. Each of them gives the stone a special and very different touch.

Not only for floors
Paving the floors is not the only application of marble in decoration. Although marble is a great option to choose the best floor for the kitchen, for example, this beautiful natural stone can be given many other uses such as covering walls or facades or building kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Installing an imposing marble countertop is a formidable way of giving the kitchen a great, different and very distinguished touch. In addition, it is a fairly resistant material (although there are other materials that are more). If you are given proper care, such as cleaning and repairing cracks in the marble, a countertop of this material can last a lot of years in perfect condition.

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