Want a Two-Minute Strategy to Win Your Goals – Now?

• 1. Research by Dr. T. Temple Tutler, Cleveland University, indicates that chanting (repetition of a sound or word) produces serious physiological effects. How long? Minimum of Two-Minutes.

• 2. Chanting a meaningless sound (Ex. Shreem or Kleem) in a UP & DOWN (divided) tone (ex. SH-H-REE & EM, or Klee-e & Em-m) causes the following: lowers your blood pressure, normalizes your heart beat, balances your brainwaves, lowers Adrenalin & Cholesterol. And it attracts your present GOALS into your life.

• 3. We suggest to our students and graduates to do a Mind Experiment, and though this Chanting-strategy may seem “goofy”, test it. If it works, USE IT.

• After two-thousand have tried it & told us it really works, we recommend it to you. You be the judge.

• 4. a) Sit down, in a private place, please close your eyes and Chant (aloud) in a Sing-song fashion, the mantra (sound) Shreem. Do a dozen (12) reps (repetitions). How?

• 5. Take a Diaphragmatic (deep belly) breath, and chant the two-sounds like this.

• 6. b) It has two-syllables, with equal emphasis: “SH-H” & “REE-EM”. This is NOT “The VOICE” TV show. Anyway you vocalize this chant is excellent and works. It works for you because the secret is your Intention.

• 7. If you chant to reach your specific goal, your brain works with your body to accomplish it. (Brainiacs: Google: (RAS) Reticular Activating System).

• 8. c) How many Diaphragmatic-Breaths in two-minutes? Twelve (12), at a minimum, to obtain maximum results. Require 21-days daily, for two-minutes or so to become a HABIT.

• 9. d) While chanting, Daydream, let your mind-wander. Create a mental-movie (visualization), of YOU winning a promotion, or getting-a-raise, or gaining a BONUS of say, $10,000.

• 10. The mantra – Shreem is a YOGA exercise to program your left & right brains (hemispheres) to WIN financial success in your occupation, profession or business. It has a history of one-thousand years of allegedly successful usage. Try it.

• 11. e) End the two-minutes of chanting with a Facial Expression of a wide- smile. Take a deep breath, and count down from 1-3,
snap your fingers and open your eyes, feeling better than when you started.

• 12. Is there a secret to chanting for financial-success? Yes, you cannot just mentally visualize, you must Emotionalize your desired GOAL. How? Act-as-if, Feel-as-if, Believe-as-if, it has happened in your material reality.

• 13. Mentally see it happening, experience the feeling deeply, enjoy the Emotion, and S-M-I-L-E in acceptance. It’s your Intention and your Emotion that makes this nonsense “sound-chant”, Attract your present GOALS.

• 14. “But what makes it work, (if it does)?”
Answer: Your conscious and subconscious minds accept “unconditionally”, your “VOICE” as the authority, leader, & programmer. Does your computer question your typed “commands”? Your voice, above all others, is the final authority.
• 15. Mind (intention & emotion) leads your body through your consistent thoughts. When your beliefs and goals are in alignment, balanced, & centered, you attract your GOALS.

• 16. Now try chanting, KLEEM, (KLEE-E-EM). This is different in that you repeat the mantra KLEE-E-EM three (3) times in the same chant. How? KLEEM-KLEEM, KLEEM, 12x in each diaphragmatic breath. That’s a total of 36x of the mantra KLEEM.

• 17. But what the difference between Shreem and the Kleem mantras?

• Answer: “Kleem” chanting will attract, (test it, don’t laugh at it) anything tangible you choose as a Present-Goal. Example, a new car, a new Home, wealth-creation of say, $100,000.

• Endwords:

Author's Bio: 

H. Bernard Wechsler, buinsess partner of Evelyn Wood,
creator of speed reading, graduating 2-million, including the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.
See: www.speedreading101.org for Jimmy Carter Interview.
Educational director of Speedreading101.org