Perhaps nothing is frustrating and annoying other than coming across dark grey patches on carpets even after spending hours and efforts in a deep cleaning job! Have you ever wondered why these spooky stains reappear or the underlying reasons behind musty odour coming off your carpet more often? Most homeowners seem to face this recurring trouble and seek expert's opinion to eradicate the issue from the grass root.

This article will help you learn everything that causes carpet stains to reappear along with their potential fixes. Stay glued till the end.

Soapy Residues on Carpet Attract More Dirt

A potential reason that causes carpet stains to reappear is that the soapy residue remains left behind after DIY residential carpet steam cleaning services in Melbourne.  Most local detergents contain toxic chemicals and strong formulas that need thorough rinsing with truck-mounted tools. For homeowners who opt for DIY carpet steam cleaning fails to arrange this heavy-duty equipment and end up with an inferior cleaning job. Soapy remains, sticky detergents left in fibers can make your carpet vulnerable to stains and cause them reappear after some time.

Excessive Moisture Causes Carpet Wicking

It’s not necessary that carpet stains would be visible only the top-coat of the fabrics, they may even seep down on the surface floors and padding underneath, giving rise to mould infestation. Moisture and debris left behind after carpet cleaning services in Footscray process get trapped inside the fabrics and eventually forms mould.  Even though you perform regular vacuuming, mould may likely reappear if not deep cleaned using specialised organic solvents and disinfectants. Besides being unsightly, dark grey patches settled over fabrics for long are prime sources of musty odour and may wick over carpet fibers, causing stains to reappear.

Pet Urine Absorbed by Carpet Fabrics

If you notice carpet giving off an unpleasant smell and you cannot figure out the source, do keep a check of your furry friend’s actions. Pet loves to play on carpets and hence, it’s evident to notice those pesky mishaps at some point in time. Pet urine and dander sticks to the fibers and gets absorbed deep inside the padding if not treated on time. When moisture gets dried, potent bacteria and bacterial spores still remains alive on the fibers and causes great damage to your pricey masterpiece. Regular carpet cleaning methods such as deep cleaning, vacuuming may not eradicate pet stains and odour permanently and hence, forms stains to reappear after some time.

Hiring Novice Carpet Specialists

Carpet cleaning isn’t a job of a layman and requires in-depth skills, knowledge and expertise. Many homeowners designate the task of carpet cleaning in Altona North to their domestic help who lacks professional expertise and use incorrect tools and detergents, making carpets vulnerable to damage. Using excessive hot water, vigorous scrubbing, heavy-powered cleaning equipment wrecks havoc on the health of fabrics and causes fibers to break apart. Moreover, soapy deposits left behind on the fabrics forms mould and develop grey spots and patches all over the carpet.

Final Words

Hope you got a fair idea on the compelling reasons why carpet stains reappear. If you find this post helpful, don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback. We would love to hear from you.

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