Dandruff is a really bothersome problem which often creates trouble in your image when you are out there in public. The continuous desire to itch the scalp and the white flakes that often lay spread across the scalp are quite visible to the people around you. It is necessary that you take this problem seriously now and start treating instead of being casual that it is a common problem. Although it is a common problem, it should not be neglected since in the long run it can produce bad effects on both your scalp and hair. To prevent this, you should quickly go and bring home Anti-Dandruff Lotion Online from Biogreen Healthcare. Keep in mind that it is really necessary to treat Dandruff since it also results in the thinning of hair and drying up your scalp to a huge extent such that the scalp starts bleeding at certain places. Another cause of dandruff is a fungus that often lives on the scalp, and such kind of dandruff is classified as a fungal infection.

Why choose Biogreen Healthcare?

There are several reasons why Biogreen Healthcare is one of the leading companies that people trust on for self-caring products. The company has been in business for about five years now and users have reported of proven good results after using these products and thus we recommend this brand to everyone.

The company uses 100% natural and organic substances in the making of their products, ensuring pure and safe products. The products do not have any side effects or any problems for people with various skin types due to the all-natural composition. 

 What can happen if you neglect Dandruff problem?

1) Neglecting Dandruff and leaving it untreated may result in severe hair loss eventually since dandruff makes the scalp weak. Also, no new hair follicles can properly generate at places on the scalp severely affected by Dandruff.

2) It can cause you humiliation in public, especially because of the itching desire and because often the flakes are large enough to be seen with naked eye. So go and surely purchase an Anti-Dandruff lotion online.

How to treat Dandruff

1) Make regular use of Anti-dandruff lotion to replenish and nourish your scalp with the nutrients it has been missing.

2) Often, dandruff is caused due to improper digestion. In such a case you can eat ginger by adding it into your meals and regular eating habits to improve your digestion.

3) For dandruff caused due to fungal infections, garlic can be a strong remedy when crushed and added into dishes or even when the juice is used on scalp. 

4)  Consume sunflower seeds, a really rich source of essential nutrients that are required to improve scalp quality, such as zinc and vitamin B6

5) Massage oil on your scalp at least twice a week.

How does Biogreen Healthcare Anti-dandruff Lotion work?

Firstly, the lotions are made of such organic components which prevent secretion of oil on the scalp which is the root cause of various scalp related problems. They regulate the pH of the scalp. Organic ingredients such as japakusum, mineral oils, Lawsonia Alba, vitamins, etc are present in the lotions which lessen the chance of further dandruff and begin acting on the already damaged scalp due to dandruff to make it healthier. 

They basically also act so as to wash away the toxins on the scalp, so as to strip away all the products that can cause harm to the scalp eventually like dirt and dust to leave a clean and clear scalp after every wash. Also, essential nutrients are infused with every wash to the scalp to improve the hair quality right from the roots. 

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