It seems that most businesses – that have the budget for it at least – opt for glamorous and expensive marketing to push their products or services forward when really there are some far cheaper, and equally effective options they should have considered first. To save yourself some time and money, think about promotional advertising with promotional merchandise.

The impact of promotional merchandise

If you think about how long any given television commercial might last, you are probably talking a matter of minutes. Now think about how long an item such as a promotional key ring might last. The item will last far longer, be seen repetitively and therefore have a greater impact and has the ability to be seen by others too. Now think about how many people you can give away these key rings to.

The usefulness of promotional items for your customers

Think about the usefulness of a television commercial. It serves no use to the viewer whatsoever in a practical sense, it is simply something visually stimulating that the viewer will either engage with or disregard. Think about the usefulness of a promotional item such as a photo frame, wall clock, business card holder, backpack etc. The more useful your promotional merchandise is the more likely it is to be well received.

Potential costs savings of using promotional items as a marketing tool

It is goes without saying that television commercials are hugely expensive to produce and distribute. Promotional merchandise costs almost nothing in comparison and can be ordered on demand so that if you need more you give away more. In this way any unnecessary waste can be controlled and you will never over order.

The feel-good factor of your promotional products

Promotional foods can be a great idea so think about how appealing your product could potentially be. Some choose to give away promotional chocolate. This is a fantastic idea because it has enormous comfort value and tastes great. If you can make a quality food product such as this you are likely to stick in people’s minds even after the food has been eaten!

Choosing which products to use

Promotional merchandise serves two purposes; to retain clients and generate business. It is true that these products are given away to simply be nice to be people and as such a great deal of thought must be put into the development stages to make sure that the product has the desired effect. In consideration of this, thought should be given to who you will choose to supply your products. The quality of the item is as important as how much it costs to produce.

There are some worthwhile products out there that really work for businesses. Promotional merchandise would not exist if it had not been shown to work. Think through how these products could work for you and what you would give away to retain your clients, after all there are plenty of options to choose from.

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Justin Bregar is a freelance author who writes on various topics related to Promotional Merchandise, to find our more about him visit his website here.