If You’re Grounded, Your Left & Right Brains Are in Alignment For Winning

• 1. Get This: everything else depends on it! Human folk are living in the PAST or the Future (in-their-head) about half-their-waking-hours (46.5%) of the time. “Not-grounded” is triggered by Daydreaming, & mind-wandering.

• 2. Define: “being grounded”. Living in the “here-and-now, & exclusively in the living-Present. Three-things: you’re aligned, balanced, and centered into ACTIVE consciousness.

• 3. We are trained to live our lives in our “head”, which is triggered & controlled by our ever-present EGO. Listen up: our Ego is the voice, beliefs and behaviors of our ten-year-old,

• 4. He/she never leaves our brain. They are there as your inner-dialogue, self-talk, & the “still-small-voice”, until Kingdom-Come.
• 5. We do have another internal (mental) voice that is more mature. It’s called our ECHT-SELF, (

Author's Bio: 

H. Bernard Wechsler, business partner of Evelyn Wood,
creator of speed reading, graduating 2-million, including
the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.
See: www.speedreading101.org for video interview with
Jimmy Carter. Youtube: "speed reading 101 at Columbia
Educational Director of SpeedLearning.org