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True or false: You compete with countless musicians in order to get the music industry opportunities you desire.

True or false: One of the greatest obstacles in the music industry is beating the massive competition in your way so you can make it.

In both cases these statements are 100% false!

Fact is, there is little to no competition in the music business. Music executives are always looking for talented new musicians to sign, but struggle to find them... Yes, you read that correctly.

The most successful musicians do not even consider the idea of competition. They spend their time becoming the right musician that music companies are searching for. This is the one thing that sets them apart from everyone else and helps them get the music industry opportunities that no one else gets.

So what makes someone the right type of person to get the most opportunities in the music industry? More to the point, what exactly do you need to do in order to become this type of musician? Complete Fill out this short music industry assessment to find out.

Why Fearing Music Business Competition Sabotages Your Music Career

Reality: The majority of musicians sabotage their music careers before they even have the chance to succeed. They incorrectly think that they are fighting an uphill battle against tons of competition. They end up giving up on their music careers early, because they think they don’t stand a chance against everyone else.

Competitors? What Competitors?

Moving beyond competition in the music industry is extremely easy to do. First, you have to remove all fear from your mind. This is a lot easier once you understand who your competitors are.

Most musicians have negative dispositions, bad habits and pessimistic beliefs... making success impossible for them. These things include:

1. Having Fear Of Failure. Tons of musicians have strong fear centered around what will happen if they try to get into the music industry and never achieve success. They are afraid of not being able to sustain themselves through music income alone. They are afraid of looking like a failure, not being talented enough, not finding opportunities and many other things.

Rather than trying to do whatever it takes to succeed, they do whatever it takes to not fail. Their music careers stall and/or they create backup plans that take them further away from building a career in music.

2. Fear Of Success (Yes, You Read Right). Musicians who are afraid of success sabotage themselves when they are close to achieving great things in their careers. They worry about the following:

-Whatever thoughts others might have about them when they become successful.

-If they are even worthy of achieving success.

-If they will be able to sustain long term success after they initially reached it.

This fear prevents many musicians (with a lot of potential) from attaining their musical dreams.

3. Not Enough Passion And Desire. Countless musicians believe they want to be successful, but just don’t want it enough. The majority of musicians simply don’t take enough initiative to become successful. They wait for success to come to them. Others resort to accepting the life of a starving artist, hoping success will come from their struggles.

Music companies know whether your desire for success is true. They observe both your intentions and your actions. Hint: wanting success really bad doesn’t mean you have to struggle for a long time before you make it.

4. Procrastination. A lot of musicians have complaints about not knowing which things to do in order to become successful. Reality is, it’s not too difficult to figure this out. What’s much harder is actually getting yourself to do the right things to succeed.

Here’s a common example: a lot of musicians will tell you that a music career mentor would rapidly grow their careers. That said, only a fraction of musicians pursue mentoring. Instead they say: “I don’t have the money for it” or “I don’t have time” or “I'm not ready for mentoring right now” or “I’ll try it in the future”.

These are all rationalizations to justify procrastination. We all make time and have money that which is important to us. However, it’s a lot easier to make excuses than to work hard and become successful.

5. Not Being Committed. If you want to achieve big goals, you must be committed. So many musicians lose sight of their goals when faced with challenges and difficulty. Their commitment eventually fades and they quit taking action.

99.7% of musicians have or do at least some of these types of things. These character traits quickly remove them from the pool of musicians who get opportunities in them music business.

Your Key To Music Industry Success

Want to put yourself in the small percentage of extremely successful musicians in the world? Do this: fix the basic issues that ruin music career success. This puts you way ahead of the majority of musicians.

How to put an end to self-sabotage in your music career and get ready for success:

1. Begin focusing on the things that truly matter most. Make sure you take action only on the things that move your career along. Seek out information to help you understand what is needed to become successful. Then dedicate yourself fully to taking constant action to learn it.

Know what it means to have expenses and make investments. An expense costs time/money/energy that you never get back. For example: paying a bill, or buying food... or spending time on Twitter and playing video games.

An investment is something you invest your money into with the intention of getting an equal or greater amount of it back over time. Investing time into learn how the music industry works, working with a mentor, and joining a music career success mastermind are all instances of making investments.

You must try to get rid of expenses while making more investments.

2. Replace any instance where you say “I should” with “I will”. For example: “I should invest more time into growing my music career” becomes “I will invest more time into growing my music career”. “I should stop putting off reaching my goals” becomes “I will stop putting off reaching my goals”. Saying “should” gives you way out of taking action. This mindset lacks the urgency needed to take consistent action and achieve success.

3. Professional musicians who achieve success have a lot of urgency. Unlike most musicians, they say “I WILL invest a lot more time and resources into my music career”, “I WILL stop putting things off” and “I WILL learn more about how the music business works.” This type of mindset will not accept failure. It makes you unstoppable when it comes to reaching your musical goals.

These basic changes in attitude will help you easily overcome your competitors and become a successful professional musician faster than ever.

Are you on the right track to a successful music career? Fill out this free music industry assessment to find out.


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