Companies that engage in trade show and event marketing know that it can be expensive in terms of both money and effort. But for those who do it right, it's an investment that can generate great returns by bringing in new customers and up-selling existing clients. An effective trade show and event presence means having an attractive booth. The floor of a show can be choked with people, so one must have a display that goes beyond the ordinary. This is where using banner stands can pay-off significantly.

Most of those who attend shows are looking for business, that's why they are there. But sometimes the number of exhibitors gets overwhelming and potential clients simply wander around in a daze. Even those who are engaged and active on the floor generally only give a passing glance to booth displays. In those few moments they will decide whether to keep walking or stop and find out more about your company, product or service. Effectively designed trade show exhibition stands pull in more visitors, which means more connections, and ultimately more business.

Your show space needs to attract attention and draw people in. When thinking about one's exhibition space, put you in the position of the trade show attendee. What would you respond to? First, it must be something that stands out. This doesn't mean outrageous designs and graphics, but it does mean things should look bold and brilliant. Graphics should be clear, type and logos large enough to be seen at a bit of a distance and most of all a cohesive, well designed look.

Next one should consider the messaging that is used. Many people simply think the company name and logo is sufficient, but how are new customers going to know what you do and stand for? Clearly communicate the product or service benefit your company provides. This sounds like marketing basics, but it is amazing how many people do not consider these factors when it comes to exhibition stands. Also, be careful with puns or overly clever copy. That type of approach can work well for advertising and promotion campaigns, but for trade show marketing, clear and concise is generally the best approach.

Another thing, to consider when thinking about show and event marketing is alternative display signage and placement. Portable displays are ideal in situations where one may be presenting in a conference room and want to reinforce communications. One could also place banner stands in other locations near the trade show or event venue. This is a great way to gain awareness among potential clients long before they hit the exhibition floor. Again, be succinct and to the point with copy and use bold graphics that will stand out.

If considering an overhaul of one's trade show presence, one would do well considering investing in a banner stand exhibit display system. To get started one could take advantage of Twist banner stands free design services. Twist design consultants have experience in trade show and event displays for all type of companies and situations. A banner stand system is also more versatile, so the configuration can change as venue space changes. One can also easily upgrade the banner graphics if new products or marketing and communications change. This makes twist banner stands products a great long term investment.

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