You may not think it, but after breast surgery, your arms can become extremely heavy making it difficult to move them and potentially causing a light case of lymphedema. Many tend to not pay attention when they’re being advised by nurses/doctors about the importance of doing arm exercise because they feel relatively fine and choose not to do them. However, if you do go through surgery check with your doctor about how to perform these exercises and what advice they can provide on it.

Side Effects Of Breast Surgery

It’s very likely that soon after you’ve had breast surgery, your doctor will consult on performing certain exercises that’ll reduce pain and help your road to recovery. This is because the surgery can affect the range of motion in your arm and shoulders, changing your balance and affecting certain nerves. When this occurs you’ll feel a sense of stiffness making it difficult to perform everyday tasks like getting changed and bathing. By performing particular exercises you can prevent these side effects from happening.

Arm Exercises You Can Perform

Depending on the aesthetic clinic Manchester treatment that you have, it’ll be worth having a conversation with your doctor about writing up an exercise plan for you before you choose to do it yourself. In most cases, they may refer you to a physiotherapist as they’ll have better knowledge of what exercises are best for you. If the surgery is still very raw and feels a bit painful when you move slightly, don’t overdo your stretches as it can affect the results of your breast surgery as well as incur further pain on you. For example, if your stitches are still in place then they’re vulnerable to tearing and ripping your skin. Once any excess stitches or incisions are removed then you should feel more able to perform the exercises you need to do.

Benefits Of Performing Arm Exercises Regularly

As mentioned previously, you want to make sure you have a regularly scheduled plan for your routine as this will allow you to see the most benefits from it. Try and have an aim of doing each exercise about 4-5 times a day with the correct form. Maybe you can feel more relaxed by having music in the background. The more regular you do the exercises, over time the exercises will become easier to do. Over time you can look to add more repetitions, do them more regularly and stretch further than you have been doing. If you have any problems whilst performing them for a length of time then it may be worth consulting your doctor about the problems you’re having. It’s going to take time but you’ll eventually get there.

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