And if they're not, is doing MORE of them really the answer?

If you've been into Western personal growth for quite a while you will know a lot about affirmations and positive thinking. You may also believe that your thoughts and beliefs form your experience of reality. But what if you already have the right thoughts but aren't where you want to be yet in experiential reality (if you are, this article may still apply)?

I mean, there must be some level of incongruency somewhere in your consciousness that is really holding you back from true belief and congruency in order to resonate attracting receive that which you desire. If you are like me you have probably really got tired of doing affirmations and maybe only continue them out of habit, but where's the real power? Where is the real power to manifest your dreams and goals with the law of attraction?

I mean obviously you really care about this stuff, is there just something big that's been missing? Something that has been overlooked entirely?

When we look at the Western definition of self as mind, body and soul and if you can compare that to how you actually experience practical reality, you will realize that we also have heart (which is emotional consciousness) and we even have sexual consciousness or a sexual self. Mind, heart, sexiness and soul are spiritual (or nonphysical areas of self-consciousness) that are not limited by the egoic self as there is a higher 'Mind' that flows to you during flow.

So if you take into account that you are actually more than your ego, and you start respecting that you can experience reality on these other levels of self, maybe you simply have to work with these other areas of self-consciousness in order to become one and the same with your thoughts, dreams and affirmations. Maybe it is more than just your mind, because your emotional and even sexual energy could be working against you in the manifestation of your dreams.

Fortunately, when you know how to work with the entirety of your holistic consciousness (of self), you won't have to keep repeating thousands and thousands of the same affirmations. They say that a feeling has 10,000 times more power than I thought, then maybe it is time to start working on a more powerful level to help manifest your dreams, goals and desires.

The thing is, other Westerners will continue to struggle with that because Heart is not a definition of their self. When you can accept and adopt Heart as part of your practical daily consciousness, it will help you to harness and leverage its power to manifest your dreams as your thoughts and feelings become one with that which you desire.

Then the law of attraction will do wonders for you when you can communicate and resonate that energy openly out into the world. So it's really going beyond just a thought based or personal, ego valuation of self with your affirmations in order to get your dreams coming true.

One of the ways that will help you to get there faster is this powerful new hypnosis and audio meditation technology called Powerliminals. Powerliminals know how to work on the different levels of your holistic consciousness and move each of them into a higher resonancy.

They will help you to take your affirmations from the thought level to healing, opening up and becoming congruent with your greater dreams and beliefs on the emotional, physical, spiritual and even sexual levels of self. That way you will truly believe it on all areas of self beyond the limitations of the thought based mind. But you can just start experimenting with them yourself to start seeing instant changes in your life to get more of everything you have wanted.

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