According to data from the Office for National Statistics, the number of women identify as bisexual has increased from 142,000 to 236,000 between 2012 and 2016. The category has been the fastest growing of any in percentage terms, with the proportion of women who say they are bisexual almost doubling from 0.5 percent to 0.9 percent in five years. So we need more bisexual dating platform to them, help them find and meet their true love and bisexual fun. "One reason for this pattern may be that younger people could be more likely to explore their sexuality, combined with more social acceptability of sexual identities today and ability to express these," The ONS said. And there are more and more bisexual couples also need to explore their sexuality, they like to experience threesome fun and bi passion.

For bisexual couples, do you have a loving husband that doesn't mind you finding someone who would treat me right and to have a good time with? Many bisexual wife or husband doesn't mind that their partner has a girlfriend or boyfriend. Because most of bisexual couples are open minded and easy going, they understand that need to explore their sexuality. As a bisexual, It’s not categorical and does not shift based on what you appear to be (how you dress, who you’re having sex with). So many bisexual people respect their wife's or husband's choices, date or pass, threesome or foursome.

For bisexual women, is not there for your erotic entertainment, so if you want to spend your time with a bisexual woman, get that out of your head — this is not what this relationship is about. If your girlfriend comes out of the closet, treat it the same as if she told you she’s a lesbian: with kindness and care. If she decides that she would like to experiment with you and others, good for you both. If not, don’t push it.

For bisexual men, Most men do not relate to their women on such a deep level -- complicated by accepted social norms. Too many women feel men are just using them as a physical outlet, thus, seek other women for emotional security and fulfillment. But there are still many bisexual men respect and encourage their wife seeking their desire for bisexual, gentlemen.

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