The world of sexuality is getting broader every day with several people finding out what they love and what truly works for them. The straight, homosexuals, sexual fluid, asexual, and several others have been coming out of late and telling the world what truly works for them. It is a good thing the world opening up to become more accepting. However, some people are breaking the barriers of sexual attraction and are not interested in being defined by a particular thing.

Brain studies have shown that most women have the same attraction patterns. While they may identify with a sexual attraction to the opposite sex, a part of them wants the same-sex relationship. The study shows that heterosexual and bisexual women are similarly aroused by male and female erotic stimuli. In as much as a straight woman loves her man, that other lady is also getting some of her attention. Although this is true for straight and bisexual women, there's a big difference in the brain patterns of straight and gay people. The heterosexual woman would be more likely to be attracted to a bisexual couple than to a homosexual couple.

Watching erotic videos in both the homosexual and bisexual females produce the same responses. Both straight and bisexual women can get off by watching either the male or female erotica, but homosexual couples become very disgusted by the male erotica and are not in any way sexually excited by watching it. This shows that the homosexual female has a certain attraction towards the same sex, even if very little.

Some of these straight women decide to act on the part of them that appreciate the same sex. And for this reason, being in a bisexual relationship is the only way to achieve the goal of being with both man and woman, thereby getting the maximum pleasure and satisfying all her cravings.
The stimulation of the genitals and other sensual parts of the straight woman by both male and female at the same time is a mind-blowing experience. Some straight women have their fantasies. Being part of this sexual association is just one that will open their minds to a different world.

In addition, the bisexual couple is going to be the most accepting of her, and more willing to include her in the relationship, since both couples are open to having a relationship with an extra. A bisexual couple is attracted to both sexes, which means they may be two males who can accept a woman in their relationship, two women who can accept a man or a man and woman who can accept either sex in their relationship. is the best and fastest growing bisexual dating site for women and couples. Threesome Love and Fun. Seeking Bisexual and Bi-curious people.

In this situation, the latter is most preferred because a straight woman may not want to dwell in a relationship that has no male, and neither will she want to be in a relationship that has two males and no female. If she wanted that, she could have stuck to having a heterosexual relationship. Sexual orientation is a continuum. It is fluid and sometimes constantly changing. Some straight women who become attracted to bisexual couples do so because they have just realized that part of themselves late in life. Accepting that you may be attracted to the same sex and going forward to verifying your sexual attractions is a bold step which some women are willing to take.

Although the society today remains shaky about things concerning sexual orientation and the relationships one can partake in, due to several individuals coming out to share their stories, several others are entering the discovery process and finding out the parts of themselves they've probably kept bottled in for so long. Straight women getting attracted to bisexual couples is justifying that they also want to experience the feeling of the same sex. And it is a good thing. Isn't it?

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