II dislike using the word cure when it comes to Tinnitus. I think it’s misleading and somewhat cruel. Cure tends to conjure up an image of a magic pill or an elixir where one day you have Tinnitus, the next day just like magic, it has vanished. As you probably already know, there are literally dozens of products promising you a cure for Tinnitus. Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but this is mostly an unrealistic misconception for long-term Tinnitus sufferers. I mean there are almost 500 million people suffering from tinnitus; do you really think if there were some secret, simple, quick fix cure, the cat would still be in the bag???? I don’t think so somehow!
In fact studies have shown that looking for a miraculous quick fix cure for tinnitus can often backfire, resulting in an intensification of symptom awareness and an increase in feelings of frustration, hopelessness and depression.
My doctors were right about one thing: THERE IS NO SO CALLED QUICK FIX CURE. However, do not despair!
There is a solution and it’s called the Tinnitus Retrain System: a cognitive based habituation process that can have a profound effect on the perception of your troubling Tinnitus.
Through the Tinnitus Retrain System, you can begin to distance yourself from the irritation, frustration and suffering that tinnitus gives your mind and your body on a daily basis. This is the only online video assisted habituation program for Tinnitus, which has proven to be effective, practical and easy to implement.
Just as unique as you are, the program can be tailored to meet your individual needs regardless of tinnitus type, tone, pitch or volume and most importantly it’s engaging, fun and rewarding. In fact the exercises, methods and techniques within the program will benefit your life in more ways than just overriding your tinnitus.
Before we continue I want you to picture this, you wake up feeling invigorated and refreshed after an uninterrupted peaceful night of deep sleep, your energy levels are through the roof, and your confidence is at an all time high, you no longer feel angry, frustrated, anxious, isolated and despondent, for those feelings where associated with your tinnitus, which is now a thing of the past. Your new found vigour and energy is demanding you go out there and take back the life you have been missing out on, for tinnitus is no longer begging for your attention 24/7

You see I know that sometimes, Tinnitus feels like a giant boulder blocking the river of your life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can calm the waters, flow around that boulder and return to a peaceful normal existence. And over the next couple of minutes, I’m going to show you how.
But first, let me introduce myself. I’m Rob Richards and up until a few years ago, I suffered from debilitating, long-term Tinnitus.
When I used to tell people that I suffered from Tinnitus, they’d look at me as if I was crazy. They didn’t believe that Tinnitus was something you actually suffered from. After all, it’s just a funny ringing sound in the ears, right? I mean, how bad can that be?
Well, those people have never tossed and turned through sleepless nights. They have never felt frustrated straining to follow a simple conversation. They have never waded through a mental fog of exhaustion and fatigue. They have never spent countless hours trying to find relief and comfort in the face of a relentless insidious internal noise. THEY HAVE NEVER GONE THROUGH WHAT YOU’RE GOING THROUGH BUT I HAVE.
Before tinnitus I was working hard as a yoga instructor, I thought I had my finger on the pulse of what it meant to possess mental and physical well-being. After all, this is what I was teaching on a daily basis. I was living a normal life – working hard, building two businesses, paying off debts, and trying to keep a social life and a relationship afloat at the same time. I thought I had everything under control. That was until Tinnitus walked into my life and changed everything.
The noise was subtle at first: a slight ringing in my left ear accompanied by a slight pressure. The ringing was almost like I’d spent a night at a loud concert, except I hadn’t. At first I didn’t think too much of it and went about my hectic daily schedule. After a few days, this slightly annoying ringing became more and more noticeable and the pressure built. As the noise became more prominent it slowly began to grate on my nerves.
“A simple visit to my doctor will fix this,” I naively thought.
To my disappointment and amazement, my doctor could not figure out what was wrong. And after multiple visits and a round of Prednisone, I was diagnosed with Tinnitus.
“Okay, great,” I thought. “At least I know what it is. So when will it go away?” I asked my doctor.
He subsequently informed me that there was no known cure for long term Tinnitus; you’ll just have to live with it, was his advice. “Learn to live with this!?!? It’s terrible. It’s taken over my life. How can I possibly learn to live with this?

This was the beginning of an endless, demoralizing and ultimately fruitless chase for an answer. I spent almost eight months visiting ENT’s for a second, third and fourth opinion. I had MRI’s, C-Spine, dental examinations and x-rays all of which came up with nothing that would trigger such aggressive tinnitus. The conventional medical route turned out to be disheartening and futile, all that could be offered was powerful and addictive anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications, neither of which I wanted to entertain.
So I subsequently began to explore the world of alternative healing, since I’d had no joy in the conventional realms.
Well, I tried every alternative healing method you can name, as well as a list as long as your arm of vitamins, herbs, juices, detoxes and even fasts…. Nothing worked!
If anyone told me something would rid me of this hideous noise, I’d go right ahead and try it, I’d have done anything for a little peace and quiet once more.
Now, I want to state that I have nothing against alternative healing methods, or conventional medical methods for that matter, everything has its place and everything has its pros and its cons. Unfortunately, all the alternative options miserably failed in the face of my tinnitus.

This marked the true beginning of my despair—the sleepless nights, the exhaustion, the anxiety, and the subsequent depression that followed. I was at my wits end I felt I had nowhere left to turn.


Some months later I happened to be attending a yoga workshop where I crossed paths with an amazing man. He was a retired ear; nose and throat specialist who, due to an accident had been living with what some would have found a crippling level of tinnitus for the last 27 years. Yet he wore no hearing aids, he’d never had surgery, and he took no pills — he was perfectly healthy, happy, and his tinnitus didn’t even register with him anymore. It was essentially none effectual.

What this very unique and kind man told me changed my perception on tinnitus for good. He asked me a question that went a little like this; have you ever wondered why some people with Tinnitus never seem to be bothered by the noise in their ears, whilst others simply cannot bare it?
You might be surprised to know that it has nothing to do with the tone, type, pitch or volume of their tinnitus. But rather it has everything to do with their nervous system and how and why it responds in the way it does.

He said I can spend all of my money chasing the next latest and greatest secret remedy, vitamin, herb, expensive habituation therapy or develop a nice pharmaceutical drug dependency – all of which where either snake oil or had no permanent, long term success or guarantee.

It was here that an interesting shift in my perception took place: one that eventually took me in a completely new direction.

This man helped, guided, and inspired me on a journey to beat tinnitus, and, on the course of that long journey, I developed an all-natural, holistic method of self-treatment called the Tinnitus Retrain System.

As I developed the system and delved further into the true nature of my tinnitus suffering, I began to break down tinnitus into three relevant compartments, these where prevention, action and solution
And I soon found that overcoming the condition had a lot to do with a term, which I coined “Learning to Listen Beyond Tinnitus”.
Some can do this naturally, while others simply have to educate themselves on the true cause of their Tinnitus and their discomfort, and subsequently apply the lessons into their daily lives.

Learning a series of video assisted unique, powerful, habituation techniques, coupled with cognitive behavior exercises and lifestyle changes can help you become Tinnitus free.
The secret of Tinnitus Retrain System is based on three foundational principles:
1. Understanding what makes your Tinnitus unique
2. Recognizing how you respond to it
3. Learning how to let go of it in order to rewire a new response
It wasn’t always easy, but through this system I was able to craft a battery of highly effective techniques and apply some simple lifestyle changes that allowed me to effectively create new mental and physical responses, essentially bypassing my condition and rendering my Tinnitus ineffectual.

So you might be thinking, “What’s the catch?” Well, here it is. Our Tinnitus Retrain System takes a certain amount of commitment and willpower on your behalf. The program will guide you but the rest is up to you. The real question you should be asking yourself is “Are you ready? Have you had enough?”

With The Tinnitus Retrain System, there are no drugs, no pills, no extreme fasts, no detoxes, no herbs, no masking devices or anything of an extreme nature associated with this program.
By locating and addressing the true source of your discomfort, you join a very elite few who have managed to treat their Tinnitus by breaking the habitual pattern of their suffering. Once you have mastered this, there is no going back—for you have essentially rewired your response to your tinnitus.
People who depend on medication or complicated therapies for relief tend to fall back into Tinnitus despair eventually. They are dependent upon external factors to treat something that originates from within. When treating Tinnitus in any way that does not take into consideration the body’s emotional relationship with the noise, you create a fragile situation—one that is set up to eventually fail.
The tinnitus Retrain System employs some of the most powerful, reliable mental health treatments for Tinnitus.
As the saying goes, healthy body, healthy mind. The program really does take into consideration the whole organism, from connective tissue, the circulatory system and adrenal function to the power of your thoughts and feelings.

TRS deconstructs the holistic puzzle that is tinnitus, then goes about repairing, strengthening, balancing and calming your system via a series of practical, intelligent and supportive processes that gently reenergize the physical body without adding any more stress.
The physical body being just one part that makes up the whole picture. Additionally we nurture the mechanics of forging new neural pathways thus reinventing your cognitive and emotional response to tinnitus.
In all the Tinnitus Retrain System focuses on 7 powerful processes that must be taken into consideration and worked upon for complete health and eventual Tinnitus eradication.

It is all natural, safe, practical and most importantly—effective. Once you embark on the Tinnitus Retrain journey, you’ll realize exactly what you’ve been missing. There is no other Tinnitus Retraining Therapy system online quite like this one. It’s comprehensive, intelligent and beneficial in more ways than just your inner ear health.
This program offers a complete blueprint for Tinnitus habituation and eventual eradication, which you can perform in your own time and at your own speed.
The program was made to be practical, safe, and easy to understand. The very nature of the program allows for it to be fully adjustable and modified to suit any person’s ability, stage, or age. It is delivered in a logical, easy to comprehend style, complete with demonstration videos for easy follow along and visual reference.
We do not wait around for some miracle super herb, vitamin, or drug to heal your Tinnitus. We deal directly with your emotional response to the noise and at the same time go to work on strengthening, calming, and restoring your body’s delicate systems, it’s a multi pronged approach and is simply the only “none surgical, none pharmaceutical” way of eradicating your tinnitus for good.
People who participated in our Tinnitus retrain group experiment were amazed at how quickly and how easily they could grasp the video assisted, self-habituation techniques, which once implemented and practiced quickly, reduced their ringing to a tolerable level. There was a marked reduction in feelings of stress, physical tension, anxiety, agitation, and exhaustion. They felt less dizziness, nausea, pressure, brain fog and fullness, which often can accompany ear conditions.
Participant reported that they felt rejuvenated, more positive with improved personal relationships and work place productivity.
The simple lifestyle adjustments once applied provided drastic improvement in quality of sleep, energy, digestion, and well-being.

After consulting with medical experts and various mental and physical heath personal and spending countless hours of self-research and experimentation, the moniker still runs true. “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!” Approach with caution anything that promises you Overnight guaranteed success with very little effort on your behalf or with the purchase of additional products.
We will never change the goal posts on eradicating tinnitus; we have no hidden agenda and no hidden surprises within our program. What you see is what you’ll get!
But of course, the more enthusiasm you put in the more you’ll get out. We give you the blueprint for tinnitus eradication; the rest is up to you!
Tinnitus is a subjective condition therefor our approach is logical, realizing that our initial and primary discomfort is that of an emotional one.

Contrary to popular belief, acceptance is far more powerful than denial. Our primary lesson is in understanding the emotional dynamics of our tinnitus, upon which the foundation of the program is built. Shifting perception and addressing this fundamental relationship is the first step in a powerful new direction. One that will have a radical and profound shift on your attitude and mood.
You see, the body is an amazing machine, perfectly evolved over thousands of years, capable of astounding, seemingly unconscious mental and physical feats of self-healing. Like a gardener all you have to do is prepare the soil and plant the seeds then tend to the garden. Before you aware of it, you have acquired a new, healthy, and balanced way to live.
Throughout the program we use the physical body as a refocusing tool and a means to dissipate stress. With the techniques and methods in the Tinnitus Retrain System, you’ll soon be listening beyond tinnitus and over time the ringing will have faded into the background for good.

It is liberating, empowering and exciting when we realize we have self-control over our condition and that we are not helpless victims dependent on a medication, expensive specialist, and surgery or masking machine to keep our tinnitus at bay for good.
All that’s waiting is for you to make the decision, and take a very real step in the direction of becoming tinnitus free for the rest of your life.
The Tinnitus Retrain System invites you to join those who are enjoying a tinnitus free life!

Author's Bio: 

Rob Richards is an author, speaker, yoga teacher and meditation teacher. After years of suffering from tinnitus and walking the conventional route to no success. He turned to the east and used what he knew about mind/body awareness and cognitive therapy to treat his tinnitus.