Penis envy mushrooms are hard to find mushrooms. There are still many studies going on its origin and uses. If you want to know about this mushroom and facts related to it then this article is just for you!

Facts on penis Envy mushrooms
1. Got its name from a reproductive organ-
Penis envy mushrooms have got their name as it looks like a penis that is a male reproductive organ. These mushrooms are big, thick, and have a bulbous cap that can be separated from the stem.

2. Origin of this mushroom-
No one knows where it was first found and few believe this variety is created with a unique mutation by Steven pollock. Also, mutations in Amazonian cubensis by Terence McKenna a popular mycologist is responsible for this mushroom.

3. Magic mushroom-
Magic mushroom is one that contains psilocybin. Psilocybin is a psychoactive or natural hallucinogenic substance. In history, such mushrooms are used for medical purposes as well as psychological exploration.

In dispensaries, you can find magic mushroom products as dried or infused with drinks, food, or ate them fresh. It is also known with a name such as golden tops, mushies, shrooms, liberty caps, etc. All these magic mushrooms give you side effects such as paranoia, nervousness, nausea, and drowsiness.

Benefits of penis envy mushrooms-
1. Boost energy-
The Microdose of this mushroom can boost energy. As we all know mushrooms are the best source of energy but are not used due to their psychoactive effect. Microdosing this mushroom can give you energy every day. Also, this helps to de-stress and lose weight when used during exercise.

2. Treat depression-
Another most common use of this mushroom is to treat anxiety and depression. One study suggested that if you lessen the intake of penis envy mushroom then it won't get you hallucination but make you feel calm. Euphoric effects make you get rid of anxiety and depression or other related symptoms.

3. Alleviates withdrawal symptoms-
The use of penis envy mushrooms has been seen beneficial in alleviating withdrawal from alcohol, smoke, and other substance abuse.

These are all benefits and about penis envy mushrooms. If you also wish to use them then it is easily available at dispensaries online. However, one can buy it if the state laws and regulations allow its use.

To find the best dispensaries near you, you can take the help of reviews. Also, read details about penis envy mushroom strains they sell and its quality. Buy high-quality material at the best rates to get more benefits as well as fewer side effects. Apart from that one needs to talk to their advisor and know if this psilocybin can interfere with their medicines or have side effects.

When you know everything about the shrooms and its purpose of use then you can use them in better ways! If you cannot find the details by yourself, then ask about it from the dispensaries. Dispensaries usually know everything about strains and who should use them!

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Apart from that one needs to talk to their advisor and know if this psilocybin can interfere with their medicines or have side effects.