On hearing the name of the COVID19, only the words like loss and destruction could be recalled. Yes, there is no doubt that COVID19 has brought huge destruction to the economic lives of the people along with their physical health. But at the same time, the mobile app development industry gained a huge benefit because everything became digital since the time this deadly virus entered our lives.

According to the survey, Use of smartphone for mobile payments had gained traction across India due to the coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak as per the results of a survey on the impact of the pandemic on media usage. From 73 per cent of the respondents stating that they used smartphones for mobile payments before the outbreak, to 77 per cent respondents using it between March 28, 2020, to April 3, 2020, the spike in digital payments was visible.
India went into lockdown on March 25, 2020, which was extended until May 17, 2020.

Among various mobile applications, Elearning mobile applications also got great attention because educational institutions are also running online education to follow the protocol of social distancing.

So, on the basis of certain parameters, I will discuss how e-learning mobile apps are helping us during coronavirus. Let’s first have a look at the quick definition of Elearning.

What is Elearning?

E-learning is considered a new method of teaching rather than face to face teaching. E-learning has the ability to offer and share materials in all kinds of formats as emails, slideshows, videos, PDFs, and Word documents. It is also conducting webinars(live online class), communication with teachers via message and chat forum is also an option available to users. Using e-learning can be considered as bridging which makes you feel as if you are inside the classroom.

Role Of E-Learning In English Teaching And Learning

The advanced development of computer and information technology has been offering a favourable external environment for English teaching. Millions of learners of English around the world.

Information technology is providing them with rich teaching material of English. It furnishes an opportunity to teachers for changing their pedagogical strategies and to enhance the efficiency of teaching and learning. If we keep insisting on giving emphasis to grammar and vocabulary, then the learners will only be able to pass the exam easily and can't master the language.

Moreover, The use of e-learning effects on second language teaching and learning process. The learners have been coordinating with e-learning and using computers and modern technologies and this will help them to increase and enhance their knowledge.

Elearning can be considered as of the advanced teaching style than can provide the teachers with creative ideas and help them to have their own electronic method. Due to the significance of the e-learning , some of the teachers organized or arranged programs to teach their students.

E-learning is like the buzz word in every educational environment. It is important to infuse technology in education because it provides the needs of the present learners. Nowadays, the environment of the classroom is completely different from the traditional one.

The traditional methods depend on the lecturing and rote learning and that will not improve English language skills among the learners. New technologies become an essential part of our daily life as the internet, mobile phones, youtube, blogs, tweeter and many more have added not only stimulus but also learners' engagement and real interactivity within the classroom. The teachers can encourage the learners to improve their language skills by utilizing the innovation ELT techniques like English songs, dramatic, sports commentaries,
movie clippings, advertisements ..etc.

Finally, the e-learning tools have been changing the way of teaching and learning English. Information and communications technologies (ICT) include the communication devices and new digital technologies such as email, audio equipment, cameras, and video conferencing have not been only influencing and supporting what is being learned in schools, colleges and universities but it also has been supporting changes the way students are learning.

Impact on education Industry

The education industry is no exception to the consequences of Coronavirus. While every university and institution is shut down for an uncertain period of time, students have hit hard as their education is disrupted after all education is the foundation of their career. COVID 19 has revamped the entire education sector as the majority of the students are from Gen Z who have grown up in a globalized and digitalized world.

Institutes all across the world are resorting to digital platforms and opting for digital channels to help students learn, grow, and succeed. Due to the outbreak, e-Learning apps have seen stellar downloads in the USA, reported Statista. While EdTech startups are booming, the Learning Management System (LMS) and distance learning solutions have gotten a lot of traction among students to gain knowledge anytime, anywhere. Apart from video conferencing apps like Zoom, the popularity of top eLearning apps like Coursera, Google Classroom, LinkedIn Learning, Duolingo, edX, Alison, Harvard University mobile app, etc., have soared high as they are helping students to get uninterrupted and seamless education.

Tencent classroom, meanwhile, has been used extensively since mid-February after the Chinese government instructed a quarter of a billion full-time students to resume their studies through online platforms. This resulted in the largest “only
\ne movement” in the history of education with approximately 730,000, or 81% of K-12 students, attending classes via the Tencent K-12 Online School in Wuhan.

Other companies are bolstering capabilities to provide a one-stop-shop for teachers and students. For example, Lark, a Singapore-based collaboration suite initially developed by ByteDance as an internal tool to meet its own exponential growth, began offering teachers and students unlimited video conferencing time, auto-translation capabilities, real-time co-editing of project work, and smart calendar scheduling, amongst other features. To do so quickly and in a time of crisis, Lark ramped up its global server infrastructure and engineering capabilities to ensure reliable connectivity.

Final words

So this is the impact of COVID19 on online learning education. There is no doubt that there is a negative impact of this deadly virus on all over the world but the education industry is not getting affected. Elearning mobile applications helped the education industry in this COVID19 period really well.

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