If you have problems sleeping, I am sure you are no stranger to googling “natural ways to help get to sleep” or “ best ways to fall asleep quickly .” And, I am sure countless times, you’ve come across melatonin as a suggestion. But why are melatonin sleeping tablets so great for sleep? In this post, I wanted to explain the role melatonin plays in our sleep and if, like me you live in the UK, what natural sleeping tablets you should buy that are most similar to melatonin sleeping tablets.

melatonin sleeping tablets

What is melatonin?

Melatonin is a natural hormone that is produced by the pineal gland in the brain and controls our sleep cycle. Melatonin production is prompted by darkness so your melatonin levels will usually start to rise after the sun sets and then will drop in the morning when the sun rises. As such, melatonin helps to synchronise our sleep-wake cycle and signal to your body that it’s time for sleep promoting consistent, quality rest.

Melatonin and getting to sleep

Darkness indicates to our brain that it’s time to produce melatonin and so melatonin production is negatively impacted by light. This is why melatonin production is thrown off by the limited light in winter when the days are shorter. Consequently, there are a number of ways that we can help naturally produce melatonin, in particular, ensuring you don’t disrupt production with artificial light from screens or overhead lights. That’s why we should all try to dim down in the evenings and avoid devices for at least an hour or so before bed. Also, keeping to a consistent bedtime helps to align your body’s internal clock. This is why individuals who need to work later shifts or have jet lag often find it hard to get to sleep related to a misaligned circadian rhythm.

Melatonin sleeping tablets

Given the important role melatonin plays in prompting our natural sleep processes to start, it is no surprise that many people will also take a melatonin sleeping tablet to further help them fall asleep. Especially when your body is out of sync with its internal clock if you have been travelling or have changed your shift at work for example. In fact, in the US, melatonin is one of the most used supplements! Sadly, though, in the UK, where I am located, melatonin requires a prescription to buy. But, there are natural sleeping tablets you can buy that contain natural sources of melatonin that will give the same effect. For example, look for ingredients that are rich in 5-HTP as this helps the body produce serotonin which is then converted into melatonin.

A melatonin sleeping tablet available in the UK

Given I can’t get my melatonin sleeping tablets over here, I have been taking the Paso Sleep Capsules that are available to buy online. They contain three natural ingredients that help with melatonin production: L-Tryptophan, Montmorency Cherry and Griffonia Seed Extract. On top of that, each capsule contains a number of additional natural ingredients that help with other aspects of our sleep making them even more effective!

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