Every year increasing numbers of Indians are choosing to study abroad. It is not just the attraction of open culture that is the appealing factor. Several reasons are behind this emerging trend of overseas studies. The battle for survival becomes competitive and hideous as cultures are mixing and economies are getting interdependent.

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More than 4 lakh students travel overseas every year from India to pursue their higher education. Since 2013, there has been a 40% increase in the numbers of undergraduate students in India seeking overseas education.

Below are a few reasons why increasing numbers of Indians are choosing to study abroad.

Inadequate quality Programs
The education system in India does not have courses for subjects that are chosen by a few. Even if they exist, these courses are neglected by the universities or are not accredited by national and international experts as being worthy. For instance, in Humanities and Social Sciences, there are very fewer programs with extensive study. They are also not even offered by many universities or colleges.

Least support for research
Students in India are discouraged by lack of financial support and infrastructural facilities for research. Meanwhile, governments and universities abroad offer required funds and scholarships for research. They also offer necessary facilities and reward the exceptional talents. This encourages students to opt for overseas studies in pursuit of a research career.

Lack of accredited institutions
Though India is a home to renowned institutes such as IIT, IISC, and AIIMS that offer excellent infrastructure and education, these are very few. Thus many students are choosing to study abroad as seats get exhausted at these premier institutions.

Importance to overseas degree
Firms and organizations in India prefer candidates who have obtained a degree from an overseas institution. Thus overseas studies enhance the chances to get the desired job, as quoted by the Edugorilla.

Forthcoming ambiance overseas
Overseas universities such as in Canada are forthcoming to welcome students from diverse cultural backgrounds. They also offer assistance and scholarships to ease the financial burden of the students.

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